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oh, yay, no one's posting so i get to be "first" twice.

and furthermore, "yay".

so the guy busting on dershowitz said some interesting, yet unsubstantiated things and i wondered if there was anyone here who knows more about international law than i do (there MUST be) who could substantiate them. first he says

Intentionally directing attacks against buildings dedicated to religion, education, art, or science is a war crime.

is that so? even if such buildings are used as ammo dumps, bases, etc., even if rockets are actually being fired from them (lets say)?

second, he says:

There is, of course, no war crime of “seeking the destruction of a member state of the United Nations.” "

could the mighty professor dershowitz be so wrong about such a seemingly basic thing? no, really, i'm askin', cuz the jugstuposition of these two "u.n. rules of war" aren't exactly raising my opinion of the intelligence of the u.n. people.

What are the opinions going around in Israel? Is there a lot of agreement, a lot of disagreement, what?

i can only tell you what it looks like to me, jill, but i think israeli concerns are pretty much unified in two areas:the lives of the soldiers currently in gaza, and the lives of the close to a million civilians living in fear of hamas rockets in the south. beyond that we argue like crazy about everything else.

one issue my particular community is pretty unified on is " i told you not to unilaterally pull out of gaza, i told you, nyaaa nyaa nyaa..." the usual answer to this is "if it weren't for you settlers, this wouldn't be happening in gaza today" to which we reply "piffle and poppycock". and the beat goes on.

Comments on two posts - on luck, I always think of this quote: “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

On Singh, I've read Fermat's Enigma - great book, also The Code Book which I didn't like as much but it was also very good. The alternative medicine books surprised me because it sounds like the co-author does believe in a lot more alternative medicine that I would expect to read about on this site, specifically: Ernst's listed treatments that "demonstrably generate more good than harm" was limited to St John's wort for depression; hawthorn for congestive heart failure; guar gum for diabetes; acupuncture for nausea and osteoarthritis; aromatherapy as a palliative treatment for cancer; hypnosis for labour pain; and massage, music therapy, and relaxation therapy for anxiety and insomnia.


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