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Links With Your Coffee - Saturday




really liked the whole "not exactly rocket science" blog, including the article you posted the link for. thanks.

re: the other two gaza-related links- ah, never mind.

i mean, gettin' pretty tough to find anti-israel articles written by non-jews that aren't full of obvious bullshit, is it? :)

my token bit of contentiousness for the day.

I was going to comment the other day that, of all the possible Israeli journalists, Norm had to pick Gideon Levy. I had some more scathing words written down on the guy, but Suffice to say he's an incredibly bad example of our left. Does anyone here even want to know a little bit of what Israelis think of the situation? Like, is anyone coming here for anything but their own rhetorics?

Post any links you'd like if you want to write something more substantive the forum is available. If you write something there I'll link to it in the daily links guaranteeing it more exposure. I've read numerous sources that say that it is Israel was the first to break the cease fire, if true that undermines their claims to be the injured party here.

This called for research on my part, but alright, Norm :

This was dated 25.12 - prior to it, there was a 24 hour cease fire, where Hamas stated they'd consider a long-tem cease fire, but apparently decided against it.

And here are some more pre-attack articles :

I've read a few interesting left articles about the war, but they were all in Hebrew. I'm not much of a political junkie... I come here for the biology and atheism links... so if Jonathan wants to track down good articles, he can do that.

Thanks for your research. As is usual there seems to be plenty of blame to spread around. I wonder what the reason is for the claim that a two state solution is no longer possible. I understand it come from a settler who would lose in the bargain, but what of others?


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