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Hitler or FDR

Damn now I can't remember who sent me this link, but thanks it made me laugh.



well done mr. franken. and congratulations on your (still contested, i believe)election to the minnesota senate...?

yeah it will be nice to have Al Franken as a Senator. It might make watching C-Span a little more bearable. :P

Does snark always beat substance?

Given that they were discussing politics in America, Ann's choices seem reasonable. Even more so when you consider the study by UCLA that claims FDR's policies extended the Great Depression by 7 years, and the fact that Joe McCarthy's "witch hunt" was fully vindicated by the Venona Project documents which proved there were, indeed, many communist spies operating in the US government.

I fail to understand how anybody can support a jerk like Al Franken simply on his superficial merits (or lack thereof). But given the further information that he's actively working to steal an election he clearly lost (the number of votes that he has gained in the 'recount' are a statistical impossibility), one would think more people would find him repulsive.

The election you refer to was a statistical tie. Nobody "clearly lost". And on the subject of statistics, care should be taken when handling terms like "statistical impossibility".

That's all. I just wanted to hit on the superficial merits of your post (or lack thereof). I'll leave it to someone else to point out that every country spies on every other country, one study does not constitute a New Deal Breaker, and Al Franken is simply trying to prevent his opponent from stealing an election.

That was great!

BTW - why do right wingers even want to live in America? They want us to behave like the countries we fight. Joe McCarthy's approach to destroying private citizens and the re-writing of history seem much more at home in the USSR. Their insistence on putting religion into government and their pro-torture stance puts them on equal footing with the "Islamofacists." There are so many other examples - it's really strange....

The question is, why do left-wingers want to live in America? All you do is talk trash about it and try to 'change' it into another failed socialist experiment.

As for the 'statistical tie' - nonsense. Coleman won the election. Franken challenged, and the board immediately started trying to hand the election to Franken. You can read numerous articles documenting their dishonesty here:

But nobody cares when it's a Democrat being dishonest, right?

I'll leave it to someone else to point out that every country spies on every other country

And here we have the root of your irrational thinking: relativism.

Yes, all countries spy on one another. Perhaps you should ask yourself why you don't feel that one country deserves your allegiance more than another, and you might want to defend one country from all those others.

It defies reason that you can be so blase about defending the national security of your own country. I can imagine your reaction on 9/11: c'mon, all countries attack each other! It's no big deal.

one study does not constitute a New Deal Breaker

Pfft! Egghead scientists, what do they know. They're only economists who studied the matter for four years.

Al Franken is simply trying steal an election


Hey calligraph - is that you? Or is there someone else with your great sense of humor?

Talk trash about my country? Because I like a president that was elected to four terms? Because a Nobel prize-winning economist's proofs makes more sense to me than the ones you've vested in? Because I like a strong middle class (check out the rise of the middle class during FDR) instead of the gilded age (check out the division of classes during the Bush Administration)? Yep - that's funny.

Or, is it just that I don't like Joseph McCarthy whose methods were reprehensible and un-American? Close on that one - but maybe so sad it's funny.

Since America was started by a bunch of liberals, it's pretty natural we would feel at home under our Constitution. That's just fact.

Oh - and, btw - this clip - trashing their country??? That would be Coulter talking about an American president, Franken talking about one of the most vile men that ever walked the planet. Again, I'm not sure I get the joke here.

"Hey calligraph - is that you?"

Yes, I smell troll as well. And the arguments are so weak that I'm not entirely sure they're meant seriously.

"As for the 'statistical tie' - nonsense. Coleman won the election. Franken challenged, and the board immediately started trying to hand the election to Franken."

Err, nonsense right back at you. Franken didn't challenge anything. The recount was automatic and mandated by state law. All Franken did was decline to concede.


you sure?

Umm, yeah - pretty sure:

"An automatic recount of the results of an election for federal office, state constitutional or legislative office, or judicial office will occur if the difference in the number of votes cast for the apparent winning candidate and any other candidate is less than one half of 1 percent (0.5 percent). An automatic recount will also occur where the difference in votes cast is ten votes or less and the total number of votes cast for an office is 400 or fewer.

The apparent losing candidate is permitted to waive an automatic recount by filing a notice with the state canvassing board."


So Franken had no reason to sue? Please click on my previous link before you reply.

Instead of projecting what the liberals would have done about 9/11 let us look at what Bush and the Neocons actually did. First about six months before the attack Bush was given a memo titled, "bin Laden determined to strike in the US" look up the actual title it is even more damning. Second, Bush and the Neocons did nothing until after the second plane kamakazeed the twin towers. Third, about two months after the attacks Bush and the Neocons were quoted as saying, " I don't care where bin Laden is". Finally, we invade Iraq who had no involvement with 9/11.

Compare this to Clinton who had captured, tried and executed the bomber of the twin towers under his watch in about nine months.

Kerry wanted to enlist the aide of our allies (who were willing) to train Iraqi forces on ally soil then reinsert them into Iraq. This would have taken far less than five years and saved countless lives.

I think I left out a small detail about Bush and the Neocons invading a country that had nothing to do with 9/11


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