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Funny Guys

If you haven't subscribed to the Selected Shorts podcast maybe this will persuade you. It's one of my favorite programs.

The two stories on this program are devoted to goings-on at the workplace—that hotbed of intrigue and thwarted ambitions. First, Lydia Davis's "Alvin the Typesetter" chronicles the travails of one office worker. The reader is the author and "This American Life" performer David Rakoff. Next, T.C. Boyle weaves a tangled web of comic deceit in "The Lie" with a zestful read by political satirist and TV personality Stephen Colbert.

Audio 27.5 MB | Duration: 59'00
Quicktime 7 required
This file is available for download here.
Ctrl-Click and 'Download Linked File' (Mac)
or Rt-Click and 'Save Target As' (PC) the link above.

To download the current episode, visit the Selected Shorts page on the NPR website. Or you can subscribe directly using your preferred podcasting tool: iTunes | My Yahoo | Zune



Sorry, but this has been going on for a while. Anyone else getting a black patch where the quicktime progress bar and controls should be? I can still guess where the bar and the controls are and it works, but I can't see them. This has been going on for a while, and it seems to happen with any quicktime embedding. Happens in other PCs too with Vista (I'm on Win 7 right now.) I was just not too worried about it because this is pretty much the only site I frequent that uses QT. Anyway, not complaining, just wanna know if others have the same problem.

"Text entered was wrong. Try again." Wtf?

I'm glad you mentioned that Andyo. I've been having the same problem for a long time.

I'm just trying on my XP machine, and it works OK. I don't know if it's a Vista issue. I use Firefox 3.0 and 3.1 beta, but I'm pretty sure it happened with IE7 on Vista too. I think it's something with QT and Vista/Win7.

On IE8 and Win7 I only get a QT icon with a question mark, the plugin doesn't work at all.


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