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Very funny. But this was originally a french joke from a comedian called Fernand Raynaud. In the original version, the guy asks for a cup of coffee... and two croissants. But there are no croissants, so he asks for a hot chocolate, do you have hot chocolate... ok, hot chocolate, then, with two croissants.etc.

I'll bet this joke has been told in various forms for years. How do you know that Fernand Raynaud was the first?


Uh. I don't actually. I guess it is because Raynaud was famous in the 60s. The original name is "avec deux croissants..." and he appears as the original writer. But you're right, a lot of contemporary humor comes from jewish jokes so there could be an "inspirational" link there.

Ah - similar to a vanilla ice cream joke told to me by a non-jew living in a jewish neighborhood of Baltimore.

Hey Norm, On purpose or not, great joke in the title: that's "broccoli", not "brocolli"! Still f*cking ugly tasteless food though! (i know, Mum, it's good for your health…)

I have a distinct memory of reading somewhere that the way broccoli tastes has a genetic basis. There is a gene that affects the taste. If you have no copies of the gene, broccoli tastes good (as it does to me). If you have one copy, it tastes mildly bitter. If you have two copies, it tastes very bitter. I feel sorry for those who have the gene!

[QUOTE] Still f*cking ugly tasteless food though! [/QUOTE]

Bake it in the oven for god's sake!

Here's another variation of the same joke.

@clownfish: Is that you, Mum? But i tried in the oven, i really tried: YUCK! Oh well, at least George Bush the Elder and i have something in common…

Since I learned the oven method 2 years ago from my Mum, it's the only way I eat broccoli now. It is good when steamed, but it's delicious when baked.

spray with cooking spray, bake at 450 degrees for 20 minutes.


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