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A Chess Joke

Thanks to Frank via Ronni for the headsup. I missed this the first time around.



A gay President? Wouldn't that be James Buchanan?

Which part didn't you get, the Bishop/Diagonal part or the Queen on the board? I lost it when I heard it, had to explain it offline to my wife.

yeah, who's the queen referred to? signed,

pathetically out of the loop. did he mean the pope? ?

This guy is gay, so he's not only a bishop, he's also a queen. Get it? Get it?

This guy seems nice, but that "pray for you" thing is bullshit. Warren can (and probably did) say the same to him, and they'll just look at each other and say "OK then, see ya!". Nothing is accomplished with those bigots. The correct answer is ridicule.


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