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Season's Greetings


I'm going to be out of town this week and posting will be hit and miss, mostly miss. Have a great holiday and hug your mom, she won't always be there for you.



Holy crap, the Amazing Randi is Santa Claus?!

Great. What are we supposed to do with our coffee??

My mother is a strict catholic. I am a strict atheist. We discussed it for a while tonight, but then I quoted her exactly what you put on your caption, and she hugged me, and cried. She agreed. It really is the truth. Hug your mom! You have her now, but you can't truly appreciate her until she is gone. So just do your best while you can.

hug your mom, she won't always be there for you ... but you can't truly appreciate her until she is gone

Missing mom is not nearly as good as good as having her. I count myself lucky that I was old enough to really appreciate her before she was gone. Here's wishing you good holiday and a great new year, Norm.

Coffee, keep it hot, don't spill it, and remember I like the dark roast.

Merry Atheist's Christmas Norm and everybody.

Very true about the Mom's, I suddenly get the urge to watch the Billy Bob Thorton scene from Primary Colors.

Also nice to give your dad one of those handshakes with shoulder bump and back slap.

Merry Christmas, Norm. And thanks for all the posts and interest over the year. We'll be getting to Christmas that bit before you (here in Olde England) so think of your British fans at Midnight GMT whenever you are.

Let's see I'm GMT -7 so that's about three hours from now. Happy, happy in Jolly Old England.

I am a big fan of this blog. I follow it everyday. But, who created the artwork? As an artist I am very upset when work is not attributed. If you make use of someone's artwork, it should be acknowledged just as you would the author of an article or book. I know I am going to get heat for this but I don't think it's much to ask.

Happy New Year to you all.

If you make use of someone's artwork, it should be acknowledged just as you would the author of an article or book.

If you click on the picture you'll see that it is linked to the source. I think that probably qualifies as acknowledging the artist. Perhaps you don't consider that enough?

Looks more like Daniel Dennett to me. Hope he's bringing me his books this year!

My sentiments exactly. Daniel Dennett makes a great Santa Clause.

You are excused. The brights are not. They do not give attribution.

Oh, you artists.

Calm down, "The Brights" is an organization that Daniel Dennet invented sort of to replace the word "atheist" or "skeptic".

As I thought, Dennet is the one depicted as Santa, so in all probability it's a drawing "The Brights" themselves produced.

I think the term backfired, but it's still a bit controversial. I don't think Dawkins is such a "Bright" for example. I have seen him comment that he only did it out of curiosity to see if it catches on. I myself don't like "atheist", but I'd rather be called that than "bright".

Yes, it's great that Dennett is Santa. Yes, I know "Bright" was coined as an alternative to 'atheist' because 'atheist' carries so much baggage for 'some people'. I think it's too condescending.

Whaddayamean "Oh you artists"? The Brights may have 'produced' the artwork. Not! Someone who was educated and worked to acquire the skills of an artist produced the artwork. Shame on the Brights for not acknowledging the artist who created a piece that seems to be quite appealing judging by the comments.

If artist don't demand respect for their work by demanding, among other things, attribution no one else will.

Daniel Dennett is Santa Clause. It is so perfect.


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