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Really !?!: Gov. Blagojevich



Oh, come on. The bit with the circus tickets was pretty good!


Like shooting fish in a barrel. Really.

Not the worst thing I've ever seen, but there's something excruciating about the segment that I can't put my finger on. Almost like the cast is joking about the fact that they're joking. A bit hard to watch this modern incarnation!

Thanks for the blog, Norm. Just for your info, though it's nobody's fault here, clips like this NBC one do not play outside of the US (or at least in Japan where i am). The message:"We're sorry, but the clip you selected is not available from your location. Please select another clip."

Clever suggestion, pals—long live torrents!

not available from your location

I've gotten the same message trying to play some videos on British sites.
Torrents, indeed.


Not to derail the thread, but have you tried website proxies like


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