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MSNBC Replaces Fox



right on!

I prefer my news coming from NPR or various news papers but MSNBC was fun to watch during the election.

Even though its fun to watch I think that MSNBC is just the same as hurts to say but its true.

Amused to death! (Funnily, i find two titles encapsulate pretty well our lives today, this previous one, and "Rockin' in the free world"…)

Really? I'm not buying it. Everyone has talked about KO being over the top so nothing new there - but, he was doing it before most other people were and it did take guts at the time...for KO and for his station. On the other hand, Chris Matthews until recently carried the water for Bush - a lot. And, so far, we haven't heard the steady echo of left wing talking points and lies presented as fact from the mouth of every host.

And truthfully, I'm not ready to look at everything cynically again. I would like to relax for two months as the ship is going down and assume we will soon be in better hands. I'm sure I'll be disappointed by Obama soon enough but these last eight years have been h@ll and I would like to just enjoy the change to come - not knowing what that is really going to be...

Oh come on, for most intents and purposes, comparing conservatism vs. liberalism or O'Reilly v. Olbermann (which is not done here, but is the most done) is like comparing machismo vs. feminism, homophobia vs. "gay pride" or theism vs. atheism. They're not polar opposites, whatever the former group says about the latter (which is telling in itself).


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