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Mocking Bill O'Reilly

(tip to Jef)



Did anybody else laugh when Bill alluded to "the Spaghetti People"?

Hmmm... So, God is so fragile he needs O'Reilly to protect him from losing his flock? One bitter sign is going to ruin His Son's birthday party?

Hearing O'Reilly speak up for "free speech" is hilarious though. Too bad she didn't remind him of the "General Betrayus" hoopla or so many of his other 'shut-up' tirades.

Never understood the "War on Christmas" thing anyway. Christmas is December 25th. Why must Xtians force us to celebrate the stupid day for two f*cking months? Why can't they just have one day and be happy? Until December 25th it is the holiday season and I'll say "Happy holidays." On December 25th I'll say "Happy Birthday Jesus, you old bastard" eat some of his birthday cake, give him a gift card to Starbucks and get on with my life.

Halfway through, I realized this isn't even about Christmas, it's about O'Reilly. The lawyer got it right in the first 10 seconds or so--"I've never seen a non-lawyer argue the law so confidently--and so mistakenly." Bill's just mistaken on the law, and he's happy to repeat his mistake over, and over, and over again. I wish I could get a job like that.

Atheism is a religion according to the courts?

I found an article from World Net Daily:

Can anyone confirm?

There's a reason worldnut daily is referred to as worldnut daily. They're trying to use quotes to make their point that the inmate didn't have the same rights as the religious ones, without pointing you to the source.

And I agree with Bill (I can't believe I just typed that). Atheism is not a religion. How can not believing be the same as believing? But freedom of religion should also mean freedom from religion. Non-religious should have the SAME rights as religious, or else obviously religion would not be separated from government.

Here is the case:

To summarize, "The problem here was that the prison officials did not treat atheism as a “religion,” perhaps in keeping with Kaufman’s own insistence that it is the antithesis of religion. But whether atheism is a “religion” for First Amendment purposes is a somewhat different question than whether its adherents believe in a supreme being, or attend regular devotional services, or have a sacred Scripture. The Supreme Court has said that a religion, for purposes of the First Amendment, is distinct from a “way of life,” even if that way of life is inspired by philosophical beliefs or other secular concerns."

"Without venturing too far into the realm of the philosophical, we have suggested in the past that when a person sincerely holds beliefs dealing with issues of “ultimate concern” that for her occupy a “place parallel to that filled by . . . God in traditionally religious persons,” those beliefs represent her religion. Fleischfresser v. Dirs. of Sch. Dist. 200, 15 F.3d 680, 688 n.5 (7th Cir. 1994) (internal citation and quotation omitted); see also Welsh v. United States, 398 U.S. 333, 340 (1970); United States v. Seeger, 380 U.S. 163, 184-88 (1965). We have already indicated that atheism may be considered, in this specialized sense, a religion. See Reed v. Great Lakes Cos., 330 F.3d 931, 934 (7th Cir. 2003) (“If we think of religion as taking a position on divinity, then atheism is indeed a form of religion.”)."

"Aetheism = religious point of view" as Kelly honed her argument.

FSM - mmmm, noodly.

Bill-O - why do you care? Merry Christmahanukkwanzaadanstice to ye!

she's lovely. he's un-listenable. couldn't get half way through it. his audience must be deeply masochistic or something.

in sonorous monk tones, chanting.. "all praise FlyingSpaghettiMonster, thy noodly appendage doth guide and protect us, on earth as it is in garlic breath, thy basil come, thy sourdough be done, ramen."

I can't help it. Hearing atheism referred to as a religion makes me throw up in my mouth a little. True or untrue, it still gives an omnious ring to it. I do like this new wave of Festivus though. Its so funny! Come to think of it, Bill O' and Daddy Seinfeld are not that different.

"Here's where you're wrong...."

The mating cry of the arrogant jackass who doesn't know what they're talking about.

See how this works? Bill is outraged over some incredibly not-shit issue. We get outraged over his phony outrage. Every second we spend on this asinine non-issue is time away from things that really matter. Is this all Bill has to keep his audience under his spell? The war on X-mass? It's really sad and pathetic. Let's leave him alone in his mock outrage and worry about the real needs of America.

I call for a total boycott of stupidity. We should focus on real issues instead of being a mirror of right-wing blogs which do little more than detail the liberal outrage du jour. Scum like Bill O only have a voice if we give it to them.

"I call for a total boycott of stupidity."

And freaking how. I want to form a no BS brigade.

Stupidity doesn't need smart people to create an audience. It makes its own gravy.

Every time I watch this clown I can't believe somebody thought it was a good idea to put him on TV.

I can't tell if he's being willfully obtuse or if he's just plain stupid. I also don't care.

I also don't understand why anybody with two functioning brain cells (like the lawyer in the video) would consent to be on his show, unless he's handing out wads of cash.

  1. To not believe in something is also to believe in the non-existance of something.
  2. Strong sense of mission to convert as many people as they can into their belief for the good of mankind.
  3. Demonizing anyone who opposes their belief or follows an belief inverse of theirs.

Hmm... sounds like religion to me. Especially the latter two makes them seem much more similar to their archnemesis.

All philosophical beliefs have some similarities, but...

  1. Most Atheists are more likely to describe themselves as something more like an agnostic, the opposite of certainty.

  2. Desire yes, Mission No. Atheists don't go to the third world to convert people and generally limit their converting to friends and family and those that will read their books.

3.Your use of the word "demonize" speaks for itself. Yes Atheists speak of the evils of religion, but unlike their faithful equivalents they don't attribute supernatural descriptions to their rivals, nor do they condemn them to eternities of suffering in the after life.

Hmmm... Sounds like a rationalization to me.

I kind of like the fact that the lawyer brought up the fact that the courts consider Atheism a religion. Not that I agree with it, because I don't. But because we have another popular conservative pundit by the name of Ann Coulter that's a regular on that network that has argued the very same thing. Again, I don't agree with the notion at all. But I would find it interesting if she was involved in that little spat.

Silly clip... Billo is a Bully. the people in the poll at the end are also silly.

saturnalia9 - yes, i laughed.


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