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Links With Your Coffee - Monday


Thanks to all of you who recommended online classical stations for my perusal. There are great classical stations everywhere. The search for a favorite reminded me of a scene in William Styron's wonderful novel Sophie's Choice. When Sophie a, Polish-Catholic survivor of the concentration camps of World War II arrives in New York she discovers the classical radio stations that are available there. After years of being deprived of her favorite music she is amazed and overjoyed at her good fortune.

Like Sophie I'm thrilled to find such wonderful offerings so readily available. I'm most taken by Classical KUSC recommended by many and a gem suggested by Connie, the Swiss station Radio Suisse Classique Thanks again for all your help. The coming year will be better for it.




Thanks for providing the links to radio KUSC and Radio Suisse Classique. I've been listening to KUSC mostly and liking it.

Thank you, Norm for posting the link to Ezra Klein's comment, called "Israel, Wrong". Aside from the immorality of bombing mosques and refugee camps and killing upwards of 400 in "retaliation" for series of homemade rocket attacks (which have killed maybe a half-dozen -- total), he also talks about the futility and counterproductivity of such action. Perhaps Israel's goal is to eliminate the Palestinians, rather than find a way toward mutual respect. If so, then their actions make sense. It's about victory, not reconciliation.


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