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I just discovered the Mac programs Radioshift and Airfoil and would like a little help from my dear readers. I'm looking for the best online classical music stations. I'd like something that plays classical 24 hours a day. I'm partial to the Baroque, Classical, and Romatic eras.



Norm, I listen to WMHT out of Schenectady, NY. There's a listen.pls file for a live stream here, and I think you'll like the content. If you're listening in the morning, the voice you'll hear is a friend of mine since boyhood, Bill Winans, who's also a pretty fair classical guitarist himself. Bill wishes they'd let him play more modern stuff, but the station is fairly fixed on the 17th to 19th centuries. As Bill says to me, "I never thought I'd get to the point where I'd hate Telemann, but they're gettin' me there..."

For your radio request, I would recommend France Musique

Though it is not one hundred percent classique, you might find some new things.

Then there is Radio Classique.

For both, if you don't mind listening to explanations in French.

There's a 'Mostly Classical' station available from Sky.FM

I, too, recommend KUSC.

Have a look at Live365 and search for Clasical or Baroque - I like "Baroque 24/7". You can get them Ad-free if you pay a small subscription.

Or you could search on Classical! Ooops - hoist again.

There's a Swiss classical station that only plays music - no talking, just maybe a short jingle now and again. And there's even an English version of the website:

I have no idea how good it is, but why not check it out?

Otto's Baroque Musick:

AVRO Klassiek Baroque


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