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In regards to "Gifts for the Blessed/11 skewed ideas" -- you should check out that board game "Blasphemy" - the Jesuses look like the Cowardly Lion, as played by Bert Lahr, from the classic 1939 movie, "The Wizard of Oz."

Re: Charles's By the Fault post

You read Bill Kristol's pearls of wisdom on health care in 1994 and you appreciate the remarkable ease and confidence with which Kristol bloviates. He has helped run this country into such spectacular train wrecks - writing stuff that turns out to be spectacularly wrong! This idiot is like a tabloid psychic who fucks up every prediction he makes - says things which in retrospect can be seen as monuments to cluelessness - and yet he survives and even prospers to do it all over again next year. It is truly amazing.

To go to the Bible as an authority on marriage is to acknowledge its authority completely. If you argue that Christians should not 'pick and choose' which bits of the Bible they believe then it is silly to try to convince them that they have chosen the 'wrong' bits. It is ALL wrong. OK, there are some sensible exhortations in there, but either it is ALL the word of God or it isn't. I believe it isn't so I am not going to become a target for believers who will then say I am "Satan quoting scripture". There is NO logical argument against faith-based bewilderment.


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