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Links With Your Coffee - Wednesday


  • The Satirical Political Report - Theory of ‘Second Shoe Thrower’ Raised by Abdullahver Stone

  • Why Major In Philosophy? -
    I came across some old philosophy books in my study this morning and it got me thinking about the value of an undergraduate degree in philosophy. And I can already hear the jokes, so please keep them to yourself! ; - ) At first glance, a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy provides no real practical application in the real world. After all, you will not receive any specific training that can lead to a job, are required to read esoteric texts, and will never arrive at a "right answer" during a final exam or short quiz. So, why on earth are US colleges and universities struggling to keep up with the demand from students wanting to both take courses and major in philosophy?
    As an ex-Philosophy major, I can tell you that my degree is invaluable and I would certainly study the same subject if I had to start all over again (I would maybe throw in a degree in Economics as well). If we cut to the chase, a degree in philosophy provides the following benefits . . .

  • The LA Times on ghosts, aliens and why paranormal belief is good for us
    I’m used to some American media outlets shamelessly feeding crap to the public. Think Fox so-called News, for instance. But the Los Angeles Times? That’s supposed to be one of the most highly respectable papers in the country, on par with the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune or the Boston Globe. Well, once again I was wrong. David Klinghoffer published an opinion piece in the LA Times that argued that belief in the paranormal is not just, well, normal, but actually good for you.

  • Anecdotal Evidence: `To Pay Back the Audience'
    Monday morning I was reminded why I never listen to so-called “talk radio.” Scanning the dial I heard an announcer say “They `F-word’ you up, your mum and dad.” His tone was haughty, disdainful and over-emphatic, like a teenager who thinks he has caught his parents in a lie. The euphemism was sillier and more salacious than fuck could ever be. He was apparently outraged that a school district had included Philip Larkin’s “This Be the Verse” in its curriculum. It’s reassuring to know people can still get upset over a poem, though what bothered this guy was not the “F-word” but the “disrespect” the poem showed for “the family as an institution.” I got the idea he thought Larkin was a “hip-hop artist.” After long absence, enjoy it again . . .

  • timeperson.jpg

    (Thanks to Curtis and Eliot for the early "Person of The Year" pick)



I whole-heatedly agree with Curtis & Eliot's pick for "Person of the Year"

Yeah, should be a shoo-in.

I read the L.A. Times from time to time. I did read Klinghoffer's piece of garbage. I had read dumb before on the opinion pages, but not that willfully ignorant and stupid. Unfortunately something like this piece of stinking double-talkin' shit:

The latest scientific theory holds that particular brain functions evolved for purposes suited to the survival of the species, but then got "hijacked" by religious and other supernatural beliefs.
would probably pass as accurate information for the public.

What the hell is "the latest scientific theory"? And what he refers to is just one of some hypotheses scientists have, all of with do not involve fairy tales.

But then, at the end, of course "Senior Fellow at the Discovery Insitute" was right there next to his name. I was very tempted to write an angry letter. I've never written an angry actual letter (only angry blog comments). Needless to say, right away I went to Pharyngula to see what those guys have to say about this idiot. That was a bit calming that he's a famous idiot.


My god you people are a bunch of self-satisfied, sanctimonious assholes. Someone dares to have a different opinion than you about something, and they're "stupid". Must be some of that famous liberal tolerance we're always hearing about.

Of course we all know what's really going on here. You believe the state is the ultimate religion - because you're socialists who wish for a divine ruler, e.g. Obama - and thus you must demand that any belief in anything else be declared ridiculous and baseless and pointless, and abolished. We've seen your type many times before: the rise of Stalinism, the eugenics crowd, the French Revolution, and even with Hitler.

Each time you have been defeated. How does that feel? How does it feel to believe something so ridiculous, that never succeeds, and which is always defeated by the very people you mock on a daily basis?

But of course for you to feel anything you'd have to believe the nonsense you're spewing, and we all know that's not the case. You don't believe a word. That's why you rail against the USA and 'consumerism' while hosting links to Amazon and liberal business sites. You are nothing more than a businessman selling a line of bullshit, just like Al Gore, just like Barack Obama. You don't fool anyone. You're a joke. A joke that gets funnier each day, which is probably why you're getting fewer and fewer hits. Jackass.

Me and the rest of society will be enjoying our Christmas holidays, with our loved ones, exchanging the good faith and love of this time of the year. You can stew in your bile and bitterness all you want, while your corrupt 'chosen one' helps bankrupt a great nation and paves the way for the right-wing swing that we all know is coming. Because no matter how you try to convince yourself otherwise, most of the people in this country are smarter than you - smart enough to see through the bullshit.

Merry Christmas, asshole.

Merry Christmas, asshole.

that and his hand BetterThanYou were my favorite parts. Oh my the season has filled his heart with love and charity.

I know I should just wish our friend a happy holiday and be done with it, but I can't resist.

Money's scarce Times are hard Here's your f** Xmas card

Courtesy of Phyllis Diller via Christopher Hitchens.

Is it? Can it be? Has Average Joe/T4T/calligraph metamorphosed again and emerged from his cocoon as a butterfly? Oooh, he's beautiful! All hail BittererThanYou!

Don't feed the troll, friends, or they will keep coming back.

Norm, I think Bill O'reilly just posted on your blog!

While he had to resort to obscenity in the very first sentence, he did manage to wait until the end of the second paragraph to throw in the Hitler reference. And seeing as France is a vehemently secular state that doesn't have a figurehead monarch, I have to question the "defeat" of the goals of the Revolution there. Stupid fact-biased reality, flying in the face of a perfectly irrational argument...

I can't help but feel sorry for BTY's "loved ones". Given his limited self awareness and weird conceptions of love and good faith the physical and sexual abuse they must be enduring at his hands can only be appalling.

Oh, jeez. Such bile from the faithful.

I hate to break it to ya Better, I am enjoying a nog and Christmas music right now.

It's just as good, if not better without imaginary friends throwing me into irrational internet rages.

Sorry I can't write more but, I have to finish putting up my Obama tree, hang the misslestalin, and write our federal government a govtmas card.

Allow me.

What this "famous liberal tolerance" means is that yes, we'll call you stupid, but you are welcome to do so as well. You are welcome to mock our ideologies and gods or lack thereof, but it's harder to mock someone for not believing in god than to mock someone who believes fairy tales, without looking stupid.

In fact, if you conservative religious assholes in California had only mocked gays you'd just have looked ignorant and stupid, but since you tried to legislate blatant discrimination, you're fucking intolerant.

Surely you NOW see the difference, eh BetterThanYou, or would you like me to draw it for you, IDIOT?

It's amazing that someone can both defend his own intelligence at the same time implying that all the people he is addressing are some sort of comic book villains that worship false idols. Such is the nature of a true troll I suppose.


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