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Links With Your Coffee - Tuesday


  • Beware School 'Reformers'
    Progressives are in short supply on the president-elect's list of cabinet nominees. When he turns his attention to the Education Department, what are the chances he'll choose someone who is educationally progressive?

    In fact, just such a person is said to be in the running and, perhaps for that very reason, has been singled out for scorn in Washington Post and Chicago Tribune editorials, a New York Times column by David Brooks and a New Republic article, all published almost simultaneously this month. The thrust of the articles, using eerily similar language, is that we must reject the "forces of the status quo" which are "allied with the teachers' unions" and choose someone who represents "serious education reform."

  • Language Log » Blagobleepevich
    Geoff Pullum argues that the bleeping of Rod Blagojevich shields him from a full public appreciation of his foul-mouthedness: "somehow you don't get the measure of Rod Blagofuckinjevich's coarseness and contempt for the public by merely learning that he regarded his gubernatorial privilege as valuable; 'a fuckin' valuable thing' gets across more of the flavor of the man." Quite true. On the other hand, Americans have gotten so used to reading between the bleeps that it's still possible to appreciate (and satirize) Blago's coarseness in censored mode. Nightly satirists like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have already taken their shots, and now Saturday Night Live plays on his bleepability.
  • Three Godless Christmas shows - Features, Theatre & Dance - The Independent
    The latest wheeze of one of Britain's most innovative comedians, Robin Ince, is a series of three shows that will bring together fellow comics Ricky Gervais, Stewart Lee, Chris Addison, Phil Jupitus, Mark Thomas and Dara O'Briain and musicians Luke Haines, Jarvis Cocker and Robyn Hitchcock with Richard Dawkins and science writer Simon Singh for a non-Christmas Christmas-time celebration of rational thought – a secular take on the festival of Nine Lessons and Carols. (tip to inwit)
  • Obama logo ideas that weren’t chosen | Logo Design Love
  • Amazon Kindle's Blog: FREE Downloads Permalink

    A benefit of owning a Kindle, more offers like this one are turning up. I've only read one book Alan Faust's, but perhaps I'll find a new author to get nuerotic about. And if not, well the price was right.

  • Political Jokes & Funny Quotes (5): Fear « P.A.P. Blog - Politics, Art and Philosophy
  • The Elegant Variation: LP:$
    For many years before I began this blog, my standard holiday presents to all were books. I would march into Book Soup or Skylight Books and fill several large bags with gifts.

    I had to abandon this practice when I launched the blog, because people were constantly wondering if I'd merely given them repurposed review copies. (Which I rarely did, because anything good enough to give was usually something I would want to keep.)

    But in these dire economic times, it's essential to support both the publishing industry and independent booksellers. So this year I returned to my old practice, and I did my holiday shopping at Village Books in Pacific Palisades. Did I pay full price for all my books? I did. Did they have everything on hand I hoped to find? They did not. So I chose something else.

  • Informed Comment: Shoe-Thrower had been Traumatized by US Aerial Bombings
  • Jesus' General: The "So What" Presidency
    Dear John,

    I know you felt as proud as I felt when you saw Martha Raddatz' interview Our Glorious Leader. It's always such a pleasure to witness the kind of thinking that made America what it is at this moment. Let's take a look at the transcript, once again, so we can get goosebumps together

  • Obama Announces (Controversial) EPA Pick - ProPublica
  • Political Radar: Secret Service Shows Unusual Restraint in 'Bizarre' Shoe Incident
    ABC News' Ann Compton Reports: U.S. Secret Service officials in Washington say they are satisfied their agents responded with "the appropriate level of reaction" when an Iraqi journalist hurled two shoes directly at President Bush during a Baghdad news conference.

    "Everyone in that room passed through several layers of security," Agent Ed Donovan tells ABC News. Screening included magnetometers, sweeps by K9 dogs and U.S. military bomb squads. Donovan says name identification checks were done on all the journalists to confirm they were representing news organizations.

  • Sarcasm useful for detecting dementia | COSMOS magazine

    Sure it is.



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