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Concerning the too-close-to-call Coleman-Franken race. Seife concludes that given the unavoidable error magnitude in any fairly conducted election, it should be considered to be a statistical tie. Even if the vote total shows one candidate ahead, the lead will be much less than the margin of error in the process. He then says that in case of a tie, Minnesota law provides for the winner to be determined by the flip of a coin. But then, if the winner is determined by a margin much less than the margin of error (and the error is random), isn't that just the same as if it had been determined by a coin flip - entirely a matter of chance?

I think federal law would take precedent and the decision would be made by a vote of the Senate

Also, there isn't really an error rate in a hand recount.

Thanks for "Christmas Is Pain" by Roy Zimmerman and co. Made my day.


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