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Links With Your Coffee - Monday



Thanks so much for the link, Norm!

RE: "Anti-terror law requires God be acknowledged"

Hopefully God can keep Kentucky safe from terrorists. I know they're right up there on the target list.

Seriously though, with their little "God provision" they're giving fat, ignorant hillbillies a bad name.

they're giving fat, ignorant hillbillies a bad name.

How so? Is it that most hillbillies don't write their ignorance down?

Can god watch over Texas and West Virginia too? We need to stretch our tax dollars.

West Virginia he can do. Texas might be too big for him. He's too busy right now condemning gays and abortionists to be spending time keeping all of us safe and secure.

God has protected the people of Kentucky already by placing it sufficiently distant from the Gulf of Mexico that even the nastiest hurricanes have spent their energy in Mississippi and Louisiana and Tennessee. Texas? To hell with Texas.


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