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Fifty Herbert Hoovers

Paul Krugman - Fifty Herbert Hoovers:

“No modern American president would repeat the fiscal mistake of 1932, in which the federal government tried to balance its budget in the face of a severe recession. The Obama administration will put deficit concerns on hold while it fights the economic crisis.

But even as Washington tries to rescue the economy, the nation will be reeling from the actions of 50 Herbert Hoovers — state governors who are slashing spending in a time of recession, often at the expense both of their most vulnerable constituents and of the nation’s economic future.

These state-level cutbacks range from small acts of cruelty to giant acts of panic — from cuts in South Carolina’s juvenile justice program, which will force young offenders out of group homes and into prison, to the decision by a committee that manages California state spending to halt all construction outlays for six months.

Now, state governors aren’t stupid (not all of them, anyway). They’re cutting back because they have to — because they’re caught in a fiscal trap. But let’s step back for a moment and contemplate just how crazy it is, from a national point of view, to be cutting public services and public investment right now.”



Legalize pot,tax it, sell it,rinse, repeat, problem solved.


I am totally in favor of legalized pot, but I don't think that alone will fix things.

Assuming a $35B annual crop, and a tax rate around 200% (i.e. the cigarette sin taxes), you still have only generated $70B in new tax revenues annually.

If Obama is smart, he will make it a "state's rights" issue, and order the DEA to leave California alone.

If this new pot-tax money stays in state budgets (i.e. cigarettes), I fully expect states like NY and Florida and Nevada will promptly follow California's lead, largely due to economic necessity.

But let us not lose site of the bigger issue here: as a sovereign over my own body, I have every right to smoke, snort or inject whatever I want into myself. Genuine liberty demands freedom of mind, and freedom of body.


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