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Bush - This is a goodbye kiss, you dog

Iraq gives Bush a great send-off. (tip to Yonatan K)

Yankees Sign Iraqi Hurler

In their latest bid to beef up their pitching rotation for the 2009 season, the New York Yankees today signed Iraqi journalist Muntadar al-Zeidi to a three-year deal worth $32 million.

The right-handed al-Zeidi, 28, impressed the Yankee scouts with his performance in Baghdad yesterday when he threw both of his shoes at President George W. Bush.



That Iraqi man is a hero.

Priceless clip, but I have a bad feeling this man is on his way to Gitmo.

Maybe, but what about his shoe?

Kind of like throwing flowers at us....

"Who throws a shoe? Honestly, you fight like a woman."

  • Austin Powers

An old Arab custom - throwing the shoes.

As opposed to the divorce alternative where you, "throw the dog poop on her shoes and say, 'i break with thee, i break with thee, i break with thee."

Say what you will about George Bush- those are some damn impressive reflexes.

Next time, a little lower. Oh, and use bullets.


Am I the only one who was a bit disturbed by how easy it was to attack the president like that(even if was just with a pair of shoes)?

I am worried for Obama's safty, and this does not make me feel any better about that, that's for sure.

Here's a free tip to our President elect:

Get us the hell out of Iraq, and I sincerely doubt Iraqis will feel inclined to throw shoes (or other projectiles) at you.

I am not a fan of the President, but I felt the same way you did. He even had time to throw a second shoe before anyone got to him. I felt the same way for the same reason, I worry about Obama. As for the Iraqi, I hope they don't do anything to him.

I worry for Obama too, but not as much as I worry about our 18 year old children riding around in the desert, or the Iraqi children without power or water.

If I were an Iraqi, I would throw more than shoes.

I'm quite certain that there are few people who like Bush less than I but he's still the president of the United States. Where in the fuck was his security? The guy fired off not one but both shoes. Bush should have walked out there and kicked that guy's ass himself.

I don't know about Gitmo but shoe boy should definitely be spendig some quality time in a jail somehwere (Where I'm from that's called assault). Maybe if Bush goes to jail for war crimes they can both have it out in the prison cafeteria. George can finish this punk off with a shiv he made from an old presidential seal.

P.S. I love prison movies. Any psychologists out there want to take a crack at why this is so?

Yeah, but if Bush can get away with war crimes, surely this guy can get away with shoe-throwing, no? Let's just call it EVEN...

"A shoe for a shoe leaves the whole world barefoot"

giggle... not bad, my man, not bad.

In addition to an assault, in eastern countries throwing a shoe at someone is one of the more demeaning ways to show spite towards another.

That's right Cyrano... at least according to the BBC: Love it, dog!

Just think, if I'd been stupid enough to go to Bush's commencement speech at my university a few days ago, that could've been me.

Seriously, what kind of losers invite George Bush to be their commencement speaker in 2008?

I frankly don't understand the concern for the President's safety. The same or a similar episode could occur at a press conference in the United States. What is it those of you who are concerned are proposing, a no shoes policy at press events? Maybe we should require the press to attend without clothes and then assign a member of the secret service to each journalist. I consider the entire thing much ado about nothing, other than the comedic value of someone showing their righteous disrespect for the man who has disgraced his country and himself.

Norm, the guy was ten fucking feet away from the president. He could have run up and stabbed him with a pencil. I think the security there was horrible. Respect the position. Soon we will respect the president.

Hmm, I think most reports put it at 12, but your speculation that he could have run up and stabbed him with a pencil seems unlikely. But hell 10 feet and stab him with a pencil makes a better story, and you know how I like a good story. Will you explain to me how respecting the office will lead to me respecting George Bush.

I don't give a fuck if you respect Bush. Respect the office.

Yeah my thoughts exactly. We are about to have our first African American president, and I would like to think that our secret service is ready and capable of protecting him from all the wackos in this country wishing him harm. ...This was not a good sign that they are.

And how exactly is it that I disrespected the office of the president?

Just speaking for myself here Norm, I don't think your disrespecting the Office of President at ALL!...but "Zaphod for President" however I would suggest is. I mean wishfully hoping aloud for a Bush Assassination? It's not cool, it's not clever, and it would only make the situation in our country and in the world worse. I know people are joking, but I just personally don't find any humor in it.

I keep hearing this... "I don't respect the man, but I respect the office". How exactly does one do that? If I say, the POTUS is a crook, what am I doing? You can say, this or that position is respectable, but that means that you're assigning some automatic respect based on that position to the person occupying it, doesn't it?

And who are you demanding people "respect the office?" Sounds too much like "respect my religion". And yes, I think so-called "patriotism" as used by most U.S. Americans, is a kind of religion.

To be fair, not only U.S. Americans, but most people from other countries do it too.

The president of the United States is elected to serve the people. The idea that a public official is elected to carry out the will of the people by preserving and protecting the Constitution of the United States is what deserves respect. The respect for that idea should persevere even as the current occupant of the office shits all over it - oddly, in fact, it makes me respect the idea even more.

Sorry I was trying to link yours to a friend that sent me one from Huffpo... sorry....trying to do too many things at once....

Check out the "Tight Spiral": I have a picture up today that I put together at work on an old version of Fireworks in Windoze on a network LAN. Imperfect, but it gets the point across: you could sell a lot of those puppy-covers in Iraq and even here.


How long will it take for some clever computer graphics guru to have a website where we can throw virtual shoes at virtual politicians? I call dibs on Cheney!

Here ya go - games all about throwing shoes at Bush:

and just a picture:

Yeah, wont replace Red Alert 3 for these games anytime soon....



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