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Birdy Num Num


I filled the bird feeder this morning. A Scrub Jay had just run off the Black-capped Chickadees, along with an assortment of House Sparrows. And it was Mr. Jay who finished off the last few seeds in the feeder, just as I arrived.

We recently watched Peter Sellers in "The Party" and enjoyed laughing again at the Birdie Num Num scene, a scene that is repsonsible for the painting my wife added to the lid on our bird feed can.

Watch the scenes of Peter Sellers doing what he does best. I'm sure it will brighten your day.



I love that! And that you guys put it on your bird food.

excellent! truly hilarious movie.

Very funny. I'll have to check out that movie. Weren't there several comedies in the 60s that used gadgety controls over beds, couches, tables, music, lighting, etc. as a comic device? I'm thinking of Pillow Talk but I think there are others.

Someone please help me, because if you don't I'll have to watch all of the Pink Panther movies over again to find the scene I'm looking for. It is my all-time favorite sight gag. In this scene Sellers is sitting at his desk. He leans back in his chair and the back of the chair hits against the wall. This leaves his feet propped up off the ground. He makes several unsuccessful attempts to swing back over so his feet are back on the floor when one of his deputies enters the office. Sellers pretends that everything is dandy while his assistant leans over his desk to show him a file. As the an is leaning over, Sellers grabs his assistant's tie and pulls down to get his chair off of the wall, which slams the tie-wearer's head into the desk.

Jill, did you adopt my stray dog while I was on pit bull recovery detail?

Oh - that's so great. I did find Honey, my pit, pregnant on the streets of LA in 2005 so maybe she found her way there :) If so, you did a good job with the training - she's a great dog and yes, sweet as honey. I'll have to see if she's inexplicably drawn to Chopin....

oh, i get it. he's supposed to be pakistani, and therefore can't help but "terrorize" anyone in the vicinity. how droll.- mr. pc

loved the "brownface" makeup, too. on behalf of all my paki friends, i am totally not offended. keep on making the world safe for... whatever, there, 1gm. u rock, etc. :)

"does your blog bite?"

Lighten up, Francis. I didn't see this clip as racist, maybe it's just you. But of course you can't possibly be racist because you have Pakistani friends. I would hate to get a look at what you find to be funny.

P.S. Can anyone help me out on the Pink Panther reference? Don't make me watch all of them all over again because goddamit, I will just to spite all of you.

leftbanker, the clip is definitely racist, by any definition. it's also funny, by my definition- but would be far less so without the fake accent and makeup. as far as "lightening up", point taken. but in my own defense (and we've both been hanging around here long enough that i think you know this about me) i would say that we are all, to one degree or another, "racist", and much of what we would both consider humorous would be much less so without this "racism". the problem as i see it is unconcious racism. i see the clip as racist and laugh, just like i do at a good jewish joke. if there isn't a grain of truth in it, it can't be funny. but the awareness of the importance of that grain of truth relative to the whole "beach of truth" is what separates the men from the boys (sorry, sexist) when it comes to humor.

like i said, i've been around a few years, i've read your stuff, you seem pretty together to me. we're even alike in the sense that we've chosen to attach ourselves to countries other than those we were accidentally born in, and like to think of ourselves as more "globally concious" than our benighted countrymen. so, if you can't see the racism in this humor i would suggest to you- with respect- that you, sir, "lighten up". if you're afraid to laugh at a racist joke, even in the most harmless of contexts, to the point where you must convince yourself there's no racism there, then i applaud your decency, but pity your cutting yourself off from such a rich fount of chuckles. which, i think, is what you were accusing me of. so there. :)

btw, i do love sellers and the p.p. series, but i can't help you with placing the sight gag you mentioned. did you get my "does your blog bite" modern rephrase? i was hoping someone would appreciate it- though it stinks of dogism. :)

now i will admit another tiny portion of my vast ignorance in the interest of ameliorating it: why "francis"? was that the name of the woman, or the dog, in the "does your dog bite" bit?

and norm, since i'm doing my "mountain out of a molehill" thing anyway, i must ask: vis-a-vis the recent events in mumbai and the likelihood of pakistani perpetrators- which sparked my spate of comments in the first place- what inspired you to post, seemingly out of nowhere, this bit of fun at pakistani/indian expense?

norm, since i'm doing my "mountain out of a molehill" thing anyway, i must ask

Do you remember the video where there are two teams of basketball players and you're asked to count the number of passes, missing the gorilla in the room. I'm pleading the same sort of in attentional blindness that occurs in that video. It's easy to see the gorilla if that is what your looking for and easy to miss it if your attention is elsewhere.

Really - I haven't seen the whole movie in a while but if I remember, it's more fish-out-of-water humor than anything else. I know he ends up with the beautiful girl in the end. I think it's the same type of humor we've had since Charlie Chaplin.

Is Clouseau (and no, I don't remember which one - sorry - leftbanker - watch them all and write a reminder review on them :) racist?

Just to exert my pedantic nature - Sellars was playing the role of an indian actor (Mr Bakshi) - I believe that his regular forays into that accent in The Goon Show and films such as The Millionairess tended to portray Indians.

If we are going to deconstruct everything from our past and call it all racist, that's just silly in my book. Of course, today an actor probably wouldn't put on make-up to portray an Indian, but criticizing someone for doing it 30 years ago is just being stupid. Why don't we just make fun of the clothes people wore back then? You are judging the past with today's standards which defies all logic. From this clip there was nothing at all derogatory about Sellars' performance. It was yet another inspired bit of slapstick.

This sort of nitpicking gives liberals a bad name.


see if any of the films listed here ring a bell. Else-wise, take Jill's suggestions. Maybe you'll nurture another pooch and can watch the movies while it snoozes.

I dunno if your blog bites, but I did link to it see about the pooch - and that red against blue in the side bar is something to behold!

Jonathan, as for linking the maitre d's ethnicity to terrorism, I think the deal is Sellers's schtick = slap-stick and we the audience expect that no matter what character he's portraying.


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