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Bill Ayers on Hardball



I don't recall the capitol building getting "hit" on 9/11. An Anthrax attack a week later, but no bombs.

Perhaps that was the intended destination for the flight that went down in Pennsylvania.

I think Matthews confused the nation's capitol on 9/11 with the capitol building in 1971. We can never be certain where the 4th plan was headed, but I'd fathom 2 for the twin towers and 2 for the pentagon.

This was not the greatest interview IMHO. I think people don't know quite what to do with Ayers. I suppose I should read his book(s) before commenting any further.

Bill Ayers's political philosophy is completely askew. He's actually defending the main tenant of terrorism. "Use violence to strike fear and get attention."

He's like a spoiled trust fund brat who has no appreciation for the hard fought freedoms that he so callously brandies about. The fact that he can criticize his own country to such a disdainful degree and not get slapped in the face is our great testament to freedom. But that freedom needs to be held with honor, always mindful of the bloodshed that it took to win it.

We have great historical examples in Gandhi and Dr. King. Let's use their lessons, and not revert to the savagery of the hyper-active passionates who want attention NOW NOW NOW!


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