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Arianna Huffington



Hee hee - i wonder if Jon's comment about keeping the dreck-type thoughts is keeping people from commenting on this?

I don't know if I like what she's implying. To me the best blogging sites (take your pick) are respectable news sources saving us from the nonsense we have to put up with when we read Time, Newsweek, the Times, the Post, Brooks, Broder and the like. (And let us all stay silend about television.)

Blogging has saved this thing called American journalism. But Arianna's making it out to be another form of chatting, skyping or emailing. Which is NOT what it is to me. Again: in its best form, of course. I regularly read about two dozens blogs (again, take your own pick, I guess, you have your own two dozens) – and I'm glad they give me real news and information.

And not just "first thoughts". That's what the pundits are for.


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