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A Fan of the Doctor




Thanks for posting my video on this blog. Not sure why a Doctor Who fan video would be posted on a US political blog, but I'm not complaining. I got 1000 extra viewers.

I loved the mid 70's Dr Who. I even had that scarf in High School. It was funny to just watch the transformation again from the 70's Dr. Who to that 80's guy. I really couldn't stand him and lost interest after that.

I ended up watching this during the commercial brakes during this weeks episode.

Bigbox, you will find this is not primarily a political blog. The blog is primarily Norm.

this is not primarily a political blog. The blog is primarily Norm

That's true isn't it, most of what is posted is what interests me personally, and although I find politics interesting it is certainly not my only interest. There seem to be a fair number of people who share similar interests though they don't always agree with my specific point of view, and that's a good thing.


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