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A Book For You

The winner is Bailey

I've read it, and enjoyed it. Would you like it? The book is The View From Castle Rock by Alice Munro

Alice Munro is one of the best writers of short stories in the world, and this collection is exceptional. There is a short review of the book on John Baker's blog check it out.

I'll take all requests for the book left in the comments during the next 24 hours, or so, and then use a random number generator to determine the winner. I'll then ship the book at my expense to the winner. The offer is limited to residents of North America. My apologies to my good friends in other countries but the cost of shipping is simply too high.

Note: The offer is open only to currently registered commenters others are welcome to register for future giveaways but will not be eligible for this one. Please make it clear if you want to be considered for the book or are just commenting.



I'm keenly interested in this one...

I would like a shot at this.

I am interested in the book.

I wouldn't mind having it.

Count me in as well.

And not to be petty, but please note that Mugger posted twice. That cheating varmint!

May I inquire as to the significance of registering vs. a name and email address? I've avoided "registering" on blogs just because I don't understand the significance and the "pressure" to register makes me wary. What am I missing here? I'm just not interested in collecting spam are expressing a point of view that might cause me problems in the future as in job opportunities, for example the Bush administration was using any (no matter how remote) connections to Democrats, or less than evangelical connections to deny people employment in the justice department. Just wondering, not criticizing. Thanks for considering my question in advance. Tom

Registration makes it easier for me to manage comments. All non-registered comments are held pending review and that helps eliminate off-topic, abusive, and spam comments. Someone can still abuse the system by registering and leaving spam, but I can then ban that user. Most aren't willing to go through the registration process just to leave spam and so it cuts down on the number of entries that make it into the comments that shouldn't. I don't really care if you register or not, but the downside is that you have to wait for your comment to be approved. Since it requires more time for me to moderate non-registered comments I exclude those who leave them from giveaways. Most of those who are concerned about an extra layer of privacy have separate email accounts they use when registering to comment, and don't use their real names.

I would appreciate being considered for this book. As always thanks for the offers!

Although I'm not much of a short story person, I make an exception for Munro, so I'm tossing my name in the hat, as it were.


I will take a number, ty

Please consider me in!

I to would like to take in the view from Castle rock

I'll get in on this one too.

Thanks again, Norm.


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