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Your Weekly Address from the President-elect



I hope that he can get congress behind him.

How about some more railroad track? We could used a more comprehensive rail system in this country.

Just the fact that he has the Flag in the background, gives me some pause...


I hope you're joking. He's the president elect of the US. Heaven forbid he has a gasp united states flag in the background. MUST MEAN HE'S A NEO CON IN DISGUISE

What a weird comment.

Check out that lapel pin!

I liked this address... good amount of meat, better audio. I'm more encouraged now than at any other time that Obama will be a good president

What should he have in the background? A picture of dogs playing poker?

It's good to know that somebody is on the job. Meanwhile, what the hell is Bush doing? And has anyone seen Cheney in the past...I don't know, the past year maybe?

What should he have in the background? A picture of dogs playing poker?

I'm waiting for the return of the Spirit of Justice sans covering myself.

Hello. I don't post here often especially since some trolls have been cauterised.

Today I showed my father, who has no grasp of the internet, Obama's addresses on youtube. I'd just got through telling him why it was important and we'd agreed it was a step forward and he insisted he see them.

Of course beyond the man on the screen he has no idea what it is he's looking at, so fortunately he didnt see the view numbers. I did.

Under 1 million. For the first one, the one that was reported on the news worldwide - I'm in the UK. This great new President for change, the man the worlds been talking about, addressing the nation and the world via the new medium of the internet, and it doesn't scrape together 1 million views. I followed it up by searching for a video of a cat watching television, which had over 3 million. Then a fat dog - over 2 million. An indeterminately sexed mentally unstable person crying about celebrities under its bedsheet - 10 million.

I don't even know what comment to make about it.

Hard to make anything of the number of views. The cat and dog videos will not likely be echoed in news reports from Reuters or CNN or wherever. The Britney Spears defender will likely only be echoed in stand-up routines.

A more interesting comparison would be in the number of people currently listening to Bush's weekly radio address. My check of these - even before the election - shows that Obama's audience is much larger than Bush's.


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