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Your Weekly Address from the President-Elect



Cool! Are you going to post these every week?


Go O! I hope he can get half of what he proposes accomplished. president at a time, plus one pres-elect at a time.

How refreshing to not hear the ending: "God Bless You and may God Bless the United States of America"

Another bit of history.

This first one is pretty boring but this is a great advancement in democracy. The number of people that will view them and the number of people that will comment on and discuss them will probably see the most attention since FDR did his fire side chats.

Don't get me wrong, I do like Obama, I am glad he won. I, however, voted for Nadar.

I believe both parties are socialists, it's just a matter of what exactly they want to socialize. The federal government gets their money from US. These economic stimulus packages, are basically putting us into greater debt, against our own will. I have yet to meet anyone in person that supported this 700 billion dollar bailout. The polls I read about it said that 3-8% of americans supported it. The money has to COME from somewhere.

I don't have the answers, but the governments money comes from the citizens, and I do know that 16 more months in Iraq, could pay for quite a bit for the people in this country. It was a monumental election. I never had the faith in America to elect a black man with "Hussain" in his name. That never mattered to me, but I never give Americans that much credit.

If Obama does a 100% stellar job as President, with the two party system, the pendulum will still swing the other way, and we will find news networks arguing about things like "guys kissing," "Flag burning," and "the ten commandments in public buildings."

Yes, it's a victory for America, but we still have a long, long path ahead of us.

Voted for Nader because you were concerned Obama and McCain are socialist?

If you can do that then I am going to start saying that I voted for Obama because I was concerned that McCain and Nader were black.

Just to add, I don't think America is "waking up" I think we are just hitting the "snooze button."

..can't he at least wait a little bit with the presidencing? Sheesh.

@eldeeder: right. But what the two major parties are doing is what we call "administrating a market based economy". Which is what you would do if you were a socialist. Except socialists (like me) usually tend not to pretend that this is in fact the same as a free market economy, where the consumer always wins by default. And we do not suggest that government intervention is the same as market- based capitalism - as long as there are no rules for the government interventions.

In fact, we call that corruption, and prosecute it.

At the same time, socialists know that unless they have a mandate from the people on specific measures - what they are really presiding over is a dictatorship or a plutocracy.

And that's the difference between socialists in general, and the two major parties in the US.

Other than that - what the hell is up with Obama's accent? Fire the damned speechwriters, too.

Damnit. It didn't last until he even entered office, now did it!? Change the tune, please. It's getting old. Grating, really. Painfully so.

I like Obama and voted for him, etc., but I found 80% of this to be talking points. The more specific information about the summit, etc is welcome, but much of this felt like another campaign speech.

I suppose the push is for this is to be seen as acting on your old talking points, and thus melding them with events taking place now? Shows you are delivering on your promises?

Anyhow, I love the idea of doing these every week, and even if this one is rough out of the gate, they could evolve into something truly great.

He isn't president yet. Of course it still sounds like a campaign speech.

I image that will be the case for a while, and the more people watch the more the message will be scripted.

"I like Obama and voted for him, etc., but I found 80% of this to be talking points."

That's because it was. Most Saturday radio addresses are. I sometimes get frustrated with the media not covering major policy speeches by campaigns and elected officials. But in fairness to them, presidents give way more speeches than they used to, and over 90% of 90% of the speeches is boilerplate.

It seems like it's the same strategy that advertisers and wind pollinating trees have: there's a lot of competition for the attention of your targeted "audience", so dump even more quantity out there.

"It seems like it's the same strategy that advertisers and wind pollinating trees have"

LOL... well said. *8)

Maybe they could do the next address like a Mac/PC ad. ;)

RedSeven: I just hope we don't continue the 'constant campaign' crap Bush represented, ya know?

I much prefer when Obama is speaking than when he is reading. Are all his speeches gonna be like this now? I hope not.


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