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Watching the Vote



I think i'll be in a media coma until tomarrow morning at 10 am. I might just collapse from suspense.

Does anyone know where I can find out whats going on from the internet on my cell phone? I won't be near a computer or TV and I reeeeaaally want to keep track of whats going on throughout the night!!

There seems to be an email updater from CNN Scroll down and it says something about taking it with you and then there's a form to fill out where they send you alerts.

I don't know if that's what you're looking for...

Indiana polls will be closed in an hour. Meanwhile, here in Florida I am about to head out for another voter run (we're open til 7pm).

Less talk, more action!

Thanks for posting the Electoral Scoreboard, it is awesome.

I am glad I live on the West coast so I could at least sleep a few hours.

Wow, Indiana just went.

I was shocked when both Florida and Nevada went with Obama even after he had already clinched the electoral college vote.


Damn, this is good news.

Barack also won Virginia! Holy shit,


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