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The Worst Person - Bad Math



Man, Keith hates Glenn Beck. Good think he jumped in the wacko basket with his ilk at Faux News.

Actually, $70 per employee per hour is the amount of money that GM has to earn (by selling cars) in order to pay all their obligations as listed by Olbermann. That's what makes the(ir) cars so expensive / accounts for their losses.

But stating it that way is, as Olbermann said, completely dishonest. The implication is obviously that each current employee is costing GM $70 per hour. It is as meaningful to divide their costs by the number of people in management and state their predicament as their cost per manager.

Yes, I would love to hear how much the managers are making per hour when they count in the bonuses, pensions and salaries they pay on all management divided by present management, ...that would be interesting...

I'm sorry but under no logic is that what "accounts for their losses." If it were true, that it has nothing to do with such sucky management being in bed with Cheney and the oil companies demanding the CAFE standards being kept low, ignoring alternate fuel options to a decreasing resource, building non-innovative cars, etc., that the real problem for American cars has been their price because of unions....then, what are you saying? That Americans won't pay more for a car if it is good? Are you saying if they were cheaper people wouldn't be buying Hondas and Toyotas? We have Ram tough trucks and gas guzzling SUVs - where are our other quality cars. Or, is that the unions fault?

I have started looking for a new car. I started by looking American and my mechanic told me not to do it. And he is a flag-waving McCain supporter. He thinks I'll be happiest in a Honda. We're not talking money - we're talking good car.

Their math is completely bogus (just ask one of the workers who is NOT receiving $70 an hour) but there is no validity to that argument anyway.

I'm sorry, but I have no sympathy for American auto makers. Too bad for the workers, but I can't help but get some feeling of schadenfreude at their going down. It will be hard, but alternative energy will produce many more jobs than are being lost, hopefully these people will get a shot at that.

"at their going down", of course, I meant the auto makers, not the workers.

If he dislikes where the country is going and is expressing his wish to leave it (secession), why does that make him a hypocrite when hey says "this is America: love it or leave it"?

It's also sad that secession, once a state right supported even by Thomas Jefferson, is now labled as "treason." Thanks Lincoln!


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