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The Word - Pity Party



THat was one of the best "The Word" segments I've seen in a while. Thanks for posting it.

This was a beaut. It's hard for me to say this was the best in awhile; the Word segments are almost always funny to me. They combine power point and mr. subliminal to maximum effect.

Thank goodness Colbert was there to keep us from crying because the rewriting of history is really an effort to gaslight the nation - almost the world who HAS been paying attention. Jeffrey Scott Shapiro at the WSJ must be very highly paid by Rove.

I've been heaving with sobs of guilt over the disgraceful treatment being given to George Bush. Thank you Jeffrey Scott Shapiro for joining with Sean Hannity in a bravely iconoclastic defense of our great leader. Thank you Steven for bringing the effort of these heroes to our attention - they're so inspiring!


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