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The Monty Python Channel on YouTube



having watched about 9 mp sketches on youtube in the past three days, this is the best youtube news i have ever heard

I felt a great disturbance in the Farce, as if millions of lawyers cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

As I've long suspected, these guys really "get it". Sure, they could sue and DMCA and pout and throw a never-ending hissy fit (i.e. Metallica), or, they can simply accept the "new way" and embrace it.

I'm one of those "evil pirates" who, having been ripped off by lame movies and music singles packaged as albums (with 40+ minutes of pure filler) more times than I can count, now make it a point to watch/listen to just about everything online before spending any money.

And the result? I spend more on DVDs than ever before. The only difference being- I actually enjoy the stuff I buy now, having already seen it before laying down the cash. I am happy to support quality entertainment, and thanks to the advent of piracy, I now know what my money is going towards. As a result, I vote with my dollars more so than ever.

Consider this- I just bought "House" on DVD for my wife's xmas stocking. I discovered this show here on OGM, and then found full episodes on If not for the online versions of this show, I would never have seen it, and certainly never would have spent any money for it. Did Norm's act of "piracy" hurt the sales at Newscorp? Not one bit.

As you can tell, piracy is one of my hot-button issues. Glad to see Monty Python is still fighting the good fight- and it occurs to me, I've never actually seen the full "Life of Brian". I smell another DVD sale, thanks to (not in spite of) online "piracy".

Zaphod, i was just thinking of how i was going to say.. exactly what you said. bloody good show. and as a long time python fan, and a copyright proprietor, and an advocate of free file sharing, and a firm believer that it can and often does lead to sales, and even when it doesn't, makes an artist more popular and entertains people and makes the world a better place, i am happy to see these guys get it. i may have to buy a python dvd or two for my nephews just to applaud them. stuff is damn funny too so why not.

Here here!

One of my all time favs:

(this clip shows how I feel when debating economics around these parts ;-p)


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