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Scarborough - Fuck You

Glenn Greenwald - Joe Scarborough: Hoisted by his own sanctimonious petard



i have no problem with them swearing - especially if the alternative is to say "eff you" - are we supposed not render that in our minds?

see language log for an excellent piece on this

(Not that I supporting Scarborough, mind you)

Can I say it here? Fuck you Joe Scarborough. He has attempted to demonstrate that he's just an ordinary Joe non partisan, but now his claws are out.

If he was not such a coward, he'd have someone stronger than the ineffectual and submissive Mika Brzezinski to discuss the issues with. I blush whenever Mika attemps to express herself. And Joe puts her down in such a demeaning manner, and she responds with her usual hmmms and errrs... it's awful.

he should wash out his tiny little mouth!

Why would anyone watch this shit? I don't even get the point here. I couldn't care less if this guy stood up on his stool and started talking about white supremacy or that the martians had landed. Once again I have to say, too much op-ed, not enough journalism.

Forget Joe's hypocrisy for a moment... The looks on the guests' faces when he says "fuck" remind me of a bunch of grade-schoolers. Amazing. When will we grow up and acknowledge the absolute childishness of shielding ourselves from a word?

I would say "who cares" except that Joe apparently cares. Maybe he could pay a voluntary fine for his raunchy indecency and make right with the world.

Does the hypocrisy of these fucks - when it is laid bare - actually have an impact on their viewers? And what kind of impact? Because if all it does is make a bunch of their liberal critics feel vindicated, then we have WAY more important stuff to think about.

Definitely dislike the missing stuff that used to be below the video - file size, time length, and download link. Did that stuff really have to go away? I used to always copy the download link into QuickTime Player so I can watch the clips on my TV. Please bring that stuff back.


Oooooooooh! Joe said a baaaad woooord. I'm telling!!

I find the corporate censorship far more offensive than any of the bullshit spilling from pundit's mouths.

Did you read about Joe's clutching his pearls every time someone said f@ck? I think that's why it's pretty funny. And, of course, like Jorg said - everyone else's face.....


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