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Rachel Maddow



Rachel is awesome, though Air America angers me. Since she got chummy with MSNBC, she is doing less and less AA time. The shows now have a rebroadcast of some of the MSNBC stuff from the previous night. Oi.

That all said, I think she's exactly what the lefties need. Someone smart, energetic and articulate. Folks like Chomsky are smart, but who can freaking listen to them for any amount of time. Holy crap.

Maddow's vegan butcher analogy is a good one for the "keep government outta my life" government officials.

Life's a Vluff - I think she's more likely Elvis Costello's long lost bro.

B not V. I watched that post as I wanted to correct.

"got chummy with MSNBC" = signed a very nice contract and was installed as a major piece of MSNBC's prime time lineup, becoming a huge liberal star pundit in the process.

Yeah, I kind of understand about not doing so much radio anymore.

I love Rachel. She is on an intellectual level above just about every other pundit on TV right now. And her personality and charm make her show that much better.


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