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McCain's Concession Speech

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Sad Grandpa, indeed.

Where the hell was this McCain for the past two years??? He was gracious and eloquent...

McCain really is a good guy, he just went down the wrong road to try to become the president, and he was lead by people who are both inept and unethical. You can see how the booing grates against him.

Jeez. The first half is basically McCain talking about Obama's race. McCain speaks as if only black people voted for Obama... and as if race was the main reason for Obama being elected.

Is that just the way conservatives think? Or is it just another shot at being condescending toward Obama? Or is McCain just gleefully playing a giant Race Card now that there are no consequences?

But then, what else could McCain talk about? His party's disastrous economic policies, or its even more disastrous wars?

America has spoken indeed.

Here's to Obama being the precise opposite of his predecessor in much more than just epidermal luminosity.

I think it is impossible to ignore the historic aspect of Obama's win. More interesting to me is McCain's attempts to reel in the anger, hatred, and fear of his supporters. The John McCain we saw tonight is more like the person I would hold up as an example of some Republicans not sucking. Still, I think the comments and boos from the crowd demonstrate the future problems we face.

To continue for a sec, I am very happy indeed that Obama won; however, I'm more interested in his first 100 days and how the new Congress acquits itself. I'm concerned that the Democrats face the possibility of failing us the way the Republicans failed conservatives.

I'm cautiously hopeful; but, the real work is ahead.

meh, for the first time in a while, McCain is irrelevant. Obama won by a landslide. McCain remains a senator while Obama has been chosen over McCain by a majority of Americans to the highest office in the world. So I can see how it has to be tough for McCain to concede, especially after losing to Bush in 2000, and serving for so long in the senate. It would be hard for the best of us.

So I will humbly accept Obama as our next president. Even though it probably has made me a little more smug for the next 4 years.

I actually found this to be an extremely graceful and respectful concession speech, so much so that I sincerely wish that this McCain had emerged more often during the campaign. John McCain is an American hero, make no mistake, and somewhere in there is a free-thinking, intelligent, excellent presidential candidate. My ecstasy at seeing Barack Obama elected is tempered by the knowledge that his opponent, this great man, somehow lost himself over the few years, doomed to reappear only in brief, sporadic bursts. He will be missed.

I know there was a lot about the importance of Obama being African American - it's funny you pointed it out because that did bother me too - but I did think it was a good and gracious speech from McCain.

Good to see McCain/2000 back tonight - had he been the guy running against Obama, the campaign would have been a lot more pleasant to watch. Let's hope the destructive slime that he and the sleazy GOP politically apparatus hasn't penetrated too deeply. Obama has now faces the daunting task of healing the deep economic and ethical wounds the Bush administration has inflicted upon us - Obama will need at least some rational conservative voices to help do the job.

Man his supporters sure are bitter. I'm just glad America didn't fuck this one up again.

The old guy bowed out with grace and class.

Good to see. He ran a sleazy campaign.

Close the door behind you, John. And thanks for losing like a gentleman.

He finnally stopped a crowd from Booing.

Hmmm, class maybe he should have tried a little of that during the election. Turned out being a relentless scumbag pnly takes you so far.


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