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McCain QVC Open



WTF, was that McCain?

Yep. I'll concede one thing to McCain/Palin - they would be much better for satirists and comedians than Obama/Biden.

I really don't like these SNL appearances. I think they demean the candidate - I actually felt sorry for McCain here - and they feed apathy by trivializing the arguments of the campaign.

I wouldn't feel sorry for McCain - I think they really treated him well in this.

I know what you mean about candidates shouldn't be on here, though. I used to think they shouldn't go on entertainment talk shows, either - I thought it was weird and blurring that line but...apparently that line doesn't exist.

i like the clown better when hes not trying to be serious

Well that seemed like a complete surrender. McCain has so obviously given up to be making such an appearance with less than a week to go.

After watching Palin's appearance on SNL her favorability ratings went up.

It'll be interesting to see how this appearance was received.

It was like like McCain was making fun of the real Palin, right to her face.

I had a horrible thought last night. Maybe McCain is now deliberately undermining Palin. A pre-emptive kick in the teeth for the 2012 nomination if you will.

Effectively McCain saying 'You undermined me' to the radical religious right, so I'm going to do it to you, sort of thing. A bit of the Bitter old man thing possibly.


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