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Links With Your Coffee - Thursday


I'm going to spend the day reading and enjoying the company of family. May your day be as satisfying as mine is certain to be. Am I thankful, you betcha, only 54 more days and the nation gets to try again to make our country a better place.



yes indeed. have a lovely thanksgiving norm and all you fab 1gm peeps. this blog and a few others helped me get through the cheney/rove administration somewhat intact, with your thoughtful insights and bouts of informed rage. wonder what sort of appalling damage dubya will do in the next 2 months? i see the pardoning fest has begun. meanwhile i'm still waiting for my bailout. it's coming, i'm sure! i am essential to a robust economy. yes. they just haven't gotten to me yet. cheers all =)

Happy Thanksgiving all. Yes, many things to be thankful for! :)

Mine is still three hours away from starting and I've done my part (pie baking) so thanks for the links! I love the one about the New Cicero. Also very interesting - the Galbraith piece. I'd like to hear more reactions on the Agreement.

Chocolate Jesus "tasteless", huh? Sounds like they need to use higher quality chocolate.

I don't know what the fuss is about -- Catholics eat their Lord on a weekly basis, don't they?

Great comments, as always. I especially like the one about Cheney burning down the aviary! LOL!

ahah, oh dear. i was listening to the incredible Tom Waits tune, Chocolate Jesus, earlier this morning.

I feel I must post the lyrics..

Dont go to church on sunday Dont get on my knees to pray Dont memorize the books of the bible I got my own special way But I know jesus loves me Maybe just a little bit more

I fall down on my knees every sunday At zerelda lees candy store

Well its got to be a chocolate jesus Make me feel good inside Got to be a chocolate jesus Keep me satisfied

Well I dont want no abba zabba Dont want no almond joy There aint nothing better Suitable for this boy Well its the only thing That can pick me up Better than a cup of gold See only a chocolate jesus Can satisfy my soul

When the weather gets rough And its whiskey in the shade Its best to wrap your savior up in cellophane He flows like the big muddy But thats ok Pour him over ice cream For a nice parfait

Well its got to be a chocolate jesus Good enough for me Got to be a chocolate jesus Good enough for me

Well its got to be a chocolate jesus Make me feel good inside Got to be a chocolate jesus Keep me satisfied

Oh my, a christian got offended! (RE: Colbert Shreds Sunday School)

"This year's first salvo" indeed. Let the War begin!

Oh, and happy thanksgiving, or thanks happygiving, whatever you're into.

Oh my, a christian got offended!

It's as though they have never been mocked before.

Santa is such a jolly character, you think they could have a sense of humor, but no.


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