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Links With Your Coffee - Saturday




Re: Sea Turtles

Did you know loggerheads are the size of a small car?

Photos cannot do these animals justice.

Live near Space Coast, FL? These guys need your help:

Incredible. I guess those were the turtles in Master and Commander?

Now you've done it. I'm going to have to watch the movie one more time. I've read all of his books

WOW! I've heard about people like you. I read one, thought it was great but not a quick read.

That's how I remember a scene with Maturin. I really loved the movie - maybe I'll try watching it again, too, this time on the computer.

It's funny you mention it not being a quick read. The first was slow, and the second even slower. I damn near quit after that one, but read the third. I think the title was the HMS Surprise, but my memory is suspect. Anyway after the third in the series I just couldn't stop.

Interesting. I will put the third one on my list then -- but, not start it until a very opportune time since it sounds like it could get obsessive which can be very dangerous.

Billboard promoting atheism will be removed

Sorry, but this is simply fucked up. There is no other way to describe it.

In my town we have billboards up at the Interstate with quotes from 'god'. It's ok to get in our faces with it, but billboards to the contrary are too controversial.

The billboards were 'jarring'. I find it amusing that this person feels it's perfectly reasonable to believe, without a shred of evidence, that there is some higher power controlling things here on earth, yet finds it unsettling when faced with the reality that someone might not see things the same way.

I so agree.

"I understand people have freedom of speech, but this is taking it too far"
And it was SO mild. A line from a mainstream song, no mention of the existence or non-existence of God. When she said jarring, I think she meant thought-provoking and she didn't like that.

I found it interesting that nine other billboards had gone up but this was the first in CA. I wonder where the others were. I also kind of wonder why they started there in CA when there would've been other more receptive areas but maybe that was the point.

The billboards were 'jarring'.

But a public display of a man being tortured to death on a cross - no problem, right?


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