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Links With Your Coffee - Friday




I like the statement

"One thing is clear, anything that can be done to solve the problem and counteract the pseudoscientific claims of well-meaning but misguided believers long before it gets to this stage has to be a Good Thing."


Walter Miller's "A Canticle for Leibowitz" ranks alongside other Science Fiction novels of my early years, Asimov's Foundation Trilogy, any number of works by Kilgore Trout (usually in his alter ego of Kurt Vonnegut), Ray Bradbury etc etc. Mason was indeed lucky to find such a book by chance - I was recommended to read it by a friend with whom I still have those 'half sentence' conversations of shared experiences nearly 50 years after the events. If you can find a copy, please give it a try - it may still be crazy after all these years.

Just in case it becomes important - Yes I know that Kilgore Trout wasn't actually Kurt Vonnegut, but try reading 'Venus on the Halfshell' - it does feel like KV.


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