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Cluster bombs - "This is very good news"

If only the countries with the largest stocks would join in the treaty.

"However, the talks did not involve the biggest makers and users of cluster bombs: the United States, Russia, China, Israel, India and Pakistan."

she is furious that a priest singled her out during Mass Sunday morning

Hopefully she has been persuaded to question her faith, or at the very least, the sanity of the Catholic church.

The Catholic Church is Marching on towards extinction. 54% of its members are no longer welcome.

Here's the story about that Fairfield priest's encounter with a reporter: Sounds like a maladjusted elderly virgin to me.

I'm sorry Jon Stewart let Bill O'Reilly get away with his "the war was a tactical mistake but not immoral" assertion.

That's what people like O'Reilly said about the Vietnam war, too. Well-intended, but mismanaged. So what if 3-4 million people got killed? And so what if the country of Iraq is ruined for the next 100 years?

Not surprisingly, during the cold war Kremlin also always proclaimed pure motives whenever they intervened in their own geopolitical sphere of interest. And if you believe Joseph Goebbels, Nazi-Germany only wanted to protect the people of France. Hell, even as far back as the Roman Empire, you'll find that the leaders make similar claims about their military adventures.

Anyone can claim to be well-intended, whether or not they actually are. Claims of good intentions are basically worthless, and should be disregarded. Intent matters, but we have to look at the evidence and try to make an independent jugdement on what the intentions may have been. And it should be obvious to anyone with a brain that the Iraq war was motivated by pure imperialism, nothing else.

Saddam's brutalism was never a consern with Bush&Co. Well, Bush himself is so simple-minded he may have actually believed his own propaganda. But we know that a large part of Bush's crew was veterans from the Bush sr. and Reagan administrations, and the history of these people prove that they have no problem with brutal dictators as longs as these dictators play ball with the Empire.

To paint Jon Stewart as 'far-lefty' who ought to get out of New York and see America, O'Reilly invokes Alabama! Now that's a piece of "middle" America - near the bottom of the barrel in education, health care, income, and with a 150 year record of having been dragged 40 years late into where most of America has already been.


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