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Links With Your Coffee - Wednesday




These are fantastic links today (the Gen X one gave me a good chuckle especially).

On the Spy Revelations. I am eager to hear the evidence, but prospectively: That there must have been some quid pro quo agreement strikes me as almost beyond reasonable doubt: for what other reason would the telecoms go along with such patently illegal programs, at the risk of being sued or worse. Even if immunity provisions was extended in advance, there had to be some other, more positive benefit to taking the risk of exposure. What those quid pro quo agreements were, seems to me the real question. This passage strikes me as most interesting:

What did the first version of the surveillance program sweep into its net? In March 2004, a squadron of top officials at the Justice Department, including then-Attorney General John Ashcroft and FBI head Robert Mueller, threatened to resign over the illegality of the program. The program was subsequently scaled back, but nobody knows what the NSA was doing that was bad enough to horrify Ashcroft.

Yup, I've been wondering about that one for years now.

I am skeptical about how publicly involved Obama will be. That he may leak material, if necessary, seems to me possible. But he doesn't want to look like he's witchhunting a member of an opposition party, because that would mean the next time republicans take charge, they will do something probably worse, whether its fair or not, whether the charges are true or not.

as a Gen X'er who grew up in a conservative Republican family and who personally has more politically in common with Mike Gravel than any family member i wonder how my open letter to my parents' generation would be different.

Obama Beliefnet Transcript

Uh. This is interesting. It's frustrating on one hand to hear obama talk about how important god is, but on the other hand is great to hear him dismiss ideas of heaven and hell and religious dogma.

Hah - I just found that link when considering Red Seven's forum post. I think there are some very positive potions of that interview. I excerpted some in my forum response.


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