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Links With Your Coffee - Tuesday


  • How do different religions define death? - By Nina Shen Rastogi - Slate Magazine
    A Washington, D.C., court will hear arguments on Wednesday in the case of Motl Brody, a 12-year-old Orthodox Jewish boy who was declared dead last week by hospital officials. Though the boy's brain has stopped functioning completely, drugs and a respirator are keeping his heart beating and his lungs inflating. According to his parents' strict religious beliefs, this means that Motl is still alive, and the family is therefore arguing to keep the boy on life support. How is death defined in other religions?

  • It's time for national health-care reform in the U.S. - Salt Lake Tribune
    Washington » Last month, Congress approved historic legislation to end discrimination in health care against the millions of Americans who struggle with mental illnesses. This new law ensures that illnesses of the mind are treated the same as illnesses of the body in insurance coverage.

    It took more than a decade to enact mental-health-parity legislation. In the end, the stalemate was broken when insurance companies, employers and doctors agreed with patients that the flawed system of mental-health-care insurance was intolerable. They finally sat down and reached an agreement.

    Our success in achieving mental health parity after years of deadlock is a good omen for broad reform of our overall health-care system. And despite the current economic downturn, we must forge ahead with this urgent priority. The system is broken. And it's no longer just patients demanding change. Businesses, doctors and even many insurance companies are demanding it as well.

  • Krugman: What Obama should learn from the New Deal - Salt Lake Tribune
    Suddenly, everything old is New Deal again. Reagan is out; FDR is in. Still, how much guidance does the Roosevelt era really offer for today's world?

    The answer is, a lot. But Barack Obama should learn from FDR's failures as well as from his achievements: The truth is that the New Deal wasn't as successful in the short run as it was in the long run.
    And the reason for FDR's limited short-run success, which almost undid his whole program, was the fact that his economic policies were too cautious.

  • For South, a Waning Hold on National Politics -
    Fear of the politician with the unusual name and look did not end with last Tuesday’s vote in this rural red swatch where buck heads and rifles hang on the wall. This corner of the Deep South still resonates with negative feelings about the race of President-elect Barack Obama.
    (tip to Leftbander)

  • Environmental Protection Agency IRIS | Salon
    This may sound like just another Erin Brockovich-style tear-jerker. Enter stage right: Poor people exposed to toxic chemicals who worry that the government is ignoring their plight.

  • YouTube - Jehovah's Witnesses come knockingI just shut the door when they come knocking, but I must admit this was entertaining in a sad sort of way.
  • A Bitter Placebo to Swallow: Scientific American Podcast



Oh, I hate the Jehovah's Witness video. That one woman doesn't even speak English well enough to understand what he is trying to do.

That's not too surprising. As I understand it, it's the duty of Jehovah’s Witnesses to bring others in the fold. Because of this, newer converts often proselytize with more experienced members of the church. She was probably a new convert. Her poor grasp of English marks her as a member of a relatively easy group to convert - recent immigrants. As an example of another group, I recall the last JWs to visit my door were an older man and a boy who couldn't have been older than ten.

I'm just saying the guy who is filming is debating someone he shouldn't. If he wanted to make a film of it, I think he should take on a religious person like Andrew Sullivan or something. This is just watching a cat play with a urge is to save the mouse.

Why shouldn't he confront them? If they're wasting his time trying to talk to them then why not him waste there time in return? Fair's fair.

J Dubs get on the job training.


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