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Links With Your Coffee - Monday




America the Illiterate...

I think that has just become my new "bible"


The trend toward information bag learning and away from reading with comprehension has followed increased standardized tests, from what I've observed. Tests given in secondary schools were designed to track progress of learning whereas the SAT had its origins in identifying the "diamond in the rough" college applicant: maybe this person didn't go to the best school, but shows mettle by how s/he has learned anyway through these test results.

Now tests are all then rage, and everyone wants to pass with flying colors, so give me the right answer so I can regurgitate it on SAT/ACT/etc. day.

It'll be a long time before this trend is reversed. AK Rowlings's Harry Potter series can only do so much for reading.

51. He is the only thing on TV right now.

More useless Barack trivia : his name also means lightning in Hebrew


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