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Where's that picture from....?

The Volcano? Alaska

It's in the central Aleutians... Mt. Cleveland.

BTW, did anybody hear about Joe Biden's private jet being blown out of the sky, killing him and all his advisors? Pretty big story... I wonder why it didn't make the news here.

Oh... I'm sorry. It wasn't Joe Biden. It was just the de facto vice president of Mexico (and his top advisors), who had devoted his career to fighting the drug cartels down there. Strange how his plane was doing just fine on approach, then just dropped from radar right before landing. Kind of like it got hit with a rocket propelled grenade. Oh well... perhaps it was a downburst in perfect conditions.

Funny how quickly the officials declared that this was not an assasination, though.

Anyone else wondering why the media blackout in the US? Too busy covering the "after-elections blahs"?


Anyone else wondering why the media blackout in the US?

Hm. Has the White House commented on the incident? It sounds banal, but that's really where the MSM take their cue on what to report on and how to frame it. Sad but true.

Funny how Bush&Co recently punished Bolivia for not doing enough to help in the "war on drugs" (they had the audacity to make the independent decision to legalize part of the coca-production), while the real drug problems lie in Colombia and Mexico, two U.S. allies.


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