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Links With Your Coffee - Monday


There is new content on the Forum and if you check the sidebar you'll find the Five-Thirty-Eight widget with links to the latest polling news.



OK help me, i have mondays off and I cannot get off the internet to do things that really matter. ( like shopping and going to the gym and paying bills etc)

I am obsessed with this dang election, obsessed, i have read every poll, am now down to Obama almost losing with a 270 scenario, help.

One of the many positive things about nuclear energy is that it's economics are vastly superior to ridiculous unreliable sources like wind power. See Denmark. That country has an installed base of wind turbines that should theoretically generate about 45% of their power but what they actually get is 3%. The coal fired plants that actually do generate the power they need seem to be emitting greenhouse gases. Odd that.


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