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Links With Your Coffee - Sunday


  • 'Religion: Bound to believe?' by Pascal Boyer -
    Is religion a product of our evolution? The very question makes many people, religious or otherwise, cringe, although for different reasons. Some people of faith fear that an understanding of the processes underlying belief could undermine it. Others worry that what is shown to be part of our evolutionary heritage will be interpreted as good, true, necessary or inevitable. Still others, many scientists included, simply dismiss the whole issue, seeing religion as childish, dangerous nonsense.

    Such responses make it difficult to establish why and how religious thought is so pervasive in human societies — an understanding that is especially relevant in the current climate of religious fundamentalism. In asking whether religion is one of the many consequences of having the type of brains we come equipped with, we can shed light on what kinds of religion 'come naturally' to human minds. We can probe the shared assumptions that religions are built on, however disparate, and examine the connection between religion and ethnic conflict. Lastly, we can hazard a guess at what the realistic prospects are for atheism.

  • Goldfarb Gets a Smackdown—By Scott Horton (Harper's Magazine)

    When not even campaign advisors can respond coherently you begin to see why John McCain is losing.

    When Bill Kristol wrote, in a recent New York Times column, that McCain should fire his entire campaign staff, surely he had deputy P.R. chief Michael Goldfarb in mind. Which is strange, because Goldfarb used to work for Kristol—and perhaps he will again in a few days. Watch Goldfarb disintegrate under questioning by CNN here when pressed on McCain’s involvement in large-scale funding of a West Bank project that Columbia University Professor Rashid Khalidi developed

  • For many evangelicals, it will be the end of the world if Obama wins - The Irish Times - Tue, Oct 28, 2008
  • McCain's Big Backfire: Majority of Americans Like the Idea of Spreading the Wealth | Democracy and Elections | AlterNet

  • Townsfolk destroy Palin effigy with explosives - (tip to pedantsareus)

  • An Obsessive’s Lament

    An Obsessive’s Lament (Limerick)
    By Madeleine Begun Kane

    Writing verse about Palin’s been fun.
    But enough! I must know who has won.
    Although something disturbs me,
    Alarms and perturbs me:
    Just what shall I do when it’s done?

  • Palestine: Liberation Deferred by RASHID KHALIDI

    The man who is the object of McCain's final smear



that article by Khalidi convinced me that I should buy his book.

being associated with this guy is a "smear" only in America and Israel

I can't believe how much of a blockhead Michael Goldfarb looks. He looks like the dumbest guy on an ESPN NFL panel.

The Olbermann comment on how slipshod the McCain oppo research team has been is exactly right. Hillary had a lot better stuff on Obama and used it in a more effective way. I think "sleazy Chicago politician" was a more effective and plausible idea than "crypto-Muslim extremist".


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