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Feeling Blue in the Reddest State



Interesting stuff here Norm. It'll be interesting to see what effect Nader and Romney will have on the Utah outcome.

An old student of mine should be a senior at BYU this year; wonder how she's leaning?


I was always one who thought that the 50 State strategy was the best way to go. Sure a lot of these state may never go blue, but it is declaring total defeat to not campaign their at all. I say fight for all fifty and you will be surprised at which red states may eventually go blue.

obama and his team have run a brilliant campaign. i always liked him, since his '04 convention speech knocked me out. even my disagreements with him, re: fisa and a few other items, are overwhelmed by my sense that here is a person that has public service and decency in his heart, and science and logic in his mind, a man who should have the office of president. i pray (and i am not one who prays much) that he wins, with a solid dem majority in the house and senate behind him. ramen =)

politicjunky, i agree wholeheartedly. howard dean deserves some credit for this strategy. this is a referendum on sanity or insanity, and no state should be neglected in offering this choice. i'm in california, hoping that even as obama wins and senate and house go to the dems, prop 8 will lose here. i'm a straight male and (gosh darn it) i love my neighbors. if one man or woman does not enjoy my rights, then my rights are without meaning, here we go. this is it. let every vote be counted.


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