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If only they would REALLY go away.

I hope he's right on Stevens. The jury's not quite out on that one...

...still out...

Karl Rove made it again! Will this actually be farewell?

It's going to take an honest attorney General for some of these folks to go on permanent hiatus.

Maybe if the media just won't give them the time of day, most of them will, in effect, go away.

I don't want the B girl to go away. I hope somehow she sticks around.

I read the comments before I watched the clip (bad habit), but when I saw dende blogger's comment, "I don't want the B girl to go away," I seriously thought he was talking about Dana Perino. Yeah, I thought, I wonder if there is a way she could stay... then I realized, Oh, that B girl... I'd already forgotten all about that poor soul.

That's funny. I was just telling someone what an amazing press secretary I thought she was - and not during an easy time. She's not a pushover but she's not like Ari Fleischer who strong-handed everyone and she's better than Scott McClellan who you felt was drowning (although he might have been there during the worst of it - I don't know - I also stopped watching press conferences very much so I don't catch her as often...)

On the other hand, you wonder how she could do this job for this criminal admin. She could obviously get another job - she's smart and pretty - she could've been the Republican VP nominee, for example.


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