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Dixville Notch has spoken: It's Obama in a landslide

Dixville Notch has spoken: It's Obama in a landslide - “DIXVILLE NOTCH, New Hampshire (CNN) -- Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama emerged victorious in the first election returns of the 2008 presidential race, winning 15 of 21 votes cast in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire.”



Not sure if I'll get much sleep tonight. This is going to be quite an Election Day.


Dare I get my hopes up because of the votes from Dixville Notch?

On pins and needles I tell you..

just wanted to wish you guys the best of luck. israel as a whole, and specifically americans living here (like me) is totally fucking freaked out by iran, among many other things, and can't think straight at the moment, but i'm with you. and thanks a lot- my girlfriend has threatened to commit suicide if obama loses, and hasn't been able to sleep for weeks (gotta take the good with the bad, and anyone who understands this comment at all knows me personally:)

I cannot sleep!

More good news from Hart county:

The town of Hart's Location reported 17 votes for Obama, 10 for McCain and two for write-in Ron Paul. Independent Ralph Nader was on both towns' ballots but got no votes.

With 115 residents between them, Dixville Notch and Hart's Location get every eligible voter to the polls beginning at midnight on Election Day. Between them, the towns have been enjoying their first-vote status since 1948.

Town Clerk Rick Erwin said Dixville Notch is proud of its tradition, but added, "The most important thing is that we exemplify a 100 percent vote."

oh, this anecdote is for JoAnn, the nervous one. got a friend here whose kinda republicanish and has an uncle in florida whose one of those racists who don't really think about it that much (ya know?). so he tells me yesterday that, to his great sorrow, he thinks mccain is a lost cause. seems he was on the phone with his racist uncle and he says "so, al, who did you vote for?" and al says " i voted for the nigger".

my buddy said he knew at that point all hope was lost, and i punched him for having such asshole relatives. :)

Yes, Jonathan, i heard such comment many times in life from my father and other people who thing as he does. Still, I really hope tht Racism no longer plays a major role in electing our lead, and I hope that the term "nigger" will soon be nothing more than sad hisory of the racist hicks in the U.S.

Above paraphragh is noncoheent, but i'll assume that you intelligent reader get it.


non coherent i mean...

It's going to be a very long time today, alaos..

non coherent i mean...

Is that the same as incoherent?

Strictly a no-no, I know, but sometimes my inner pedant emerges...

joann: "Dare I get my hopes up because of the votes from Dixville Notch?"


I don't know about everyone else but I will be getting drunk as hell tonight! If Obama wins I will want to celebrate, and if McCain wins I will NEED to get drunk.

Here's an idea of a drinking game, everytime a state goes blue you down a shot...that might take too long so maybe a full bear? :P

I slupured and purchased me "real beer" for tommorw, However, I've aeady tapped into it.

Time to try to sleep I hope. it goint to a long time until all the votes come in.

in the mean time looking at New Hampshire, Ohil, Virginal and Florida.

virginal? I don't think many of us here can claim being a part of that state...

Well, I splurged... and the slurpped! I even attempted to slupre!

As with Jonathan, I would wish all my friends, relatives and 'internet buddies' in the States the best outcome possible today. My friend Jill, in Tacoma, has bought 2 bottles of champagne - 1 to drink to celebrate and the other to get drunk if you get the 'wrong' result. As for JoAnn - it certainly looks like you've tapped into the beer to some extent already - Good on you, cobber! I am a member of CAMRA in the UK and anyone who goes for Real Ale (or beer) is a friend of mine.


Good news from the granite state: I went to the polls at 6:45 this morning (before they opened at seven) and voters were already looking for spare parking spots. It looks as if voter turnout, at least in my little notch of NH next to Portsmouth, will be very high today.

At least you guys are making me laugh today - it is a tense day but...even Karl Rove said Obama was going to take it (I don't think he would've said that if they were going to be able to rig it.)

I'm very excited - Besides our new Prez (and jonathan - I'm with your girlfriend on that...) Also in CA hoping for a yes on 2 and a no on 8 (although I think all the money from Utah might be turning that to a yes) and the magic 60 (although I don't think we're going to get it.)


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