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Bernie Sanders vs Cavuto over Energy Crisis



I think that our first task in this new era is to ignore the most repugnant aspects of the far right. A great place to start is Fox News. If we completely ignore this horrible excuse for a news source, they lose any sense of legitimacy. They have made the choice to be marginalized so let's marginalize the hell out of them. Ditto for every other crack-pot ultra-rightist. Let them say whatever they want in their vacuum of ignorance.

oh, but we are having so much fun ridiculing them.

Did you know that for most oil wells they only extract on average about 30 or 40% of what's down there? It gets too expensive to pump up after the pressure drops from continuous extraction. Instead of harping on drilling more in new places, people should also consider how much oil companies are investing in improving the infrastructer in their existing, proven wells to get the rest that's down there. It's certainly cheaper for them to do that then look for new wells, which will inevitably cost more to develop and won't necessarily be cheaper to maintain. Off-shore rigs can cost as much as a million dollars a day to operate - it's no wonder they're not scrambling to drill in the subprime locations the government is offering them.

Regardless, all this rightwing mantra of "drill more" more is nonsense. What do they want to do? Give tax breaks or loan guarantees to big-oil? Honestly what else could politicians possibly do to encourage "more drilling?" Certainly they don't want the government to get in the business of drilling for oil...

and I agree: fuck fox news.

Cavuto is a living demonstration of push-opinion journalism. Sanders wasn't being interviewed, he was being used as a prop.

Cavuto Makes my skin crawl.

PS. I like the new comment look, but can we do that Alternating White/Grey Background to split the comments a bit more? Or bring back the thin line between comments? The Comment title and previous comment can blend together too easily.

I think the Daily Show might not like your idea, Leftbanker. So much of their comedy gold is mined from the far right media.

OK, I'm stumped. I created a Movable Type account, but how do you create a cool avatar for it, Norm?

Likewise, the TypeKey allows you to create a profile with an avatar, but it doesn't display here.

sign out and then go to this url and sign in using your new name and password choose edit profile and one of the choices there is select pic.

If you need more help let me know.

Groovy! Thanks!

We have 3% of the world's oil while consuming 25% of the world's oil.

What the fuck is so hard to figure out about this equation?

Oil and gas drilling has increased over 350% in this country since Bush took office. What did the price of oil and gas do over that same time period?

The fact that we as a country have not figured this out yet is the same exact reason why 46% of those who went to the polls voted for Sarah Palin.


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