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VP Debate Open: Palin/Biden



SNL openings are always so well done, and this one is no different. I wish snl put as much time into the rest of the sketches as they do the opening.

Biden's part was the most hilarious writing I've seen lately from snl. It reminded me of Chevy Chase's impersonation of president Ford: He looked and acted nothing like the guy, but the script is spot on, a perfect, hilarious mockery.

Palin is just pure Palin, no exaggeration needed to make her ironically hilarious.

out: WMD's

in: WWaMD?

out: that thing Sarah Barracuda Heath played at the Miss Alaska pageant

in: that bit of "Do the Hustle" that Tina Feylin just did.

and "Mavercik"? Bingo!!

Good skit from SNL. Thanks, Norm.

oh hells, bells, my typing sucks. You know which word I just misspelled.


I like how they caputured Biden's tendency to wildly exaggerate for no apparent reason. How does he know that this election is the most important since 1932? It's likely that it won't be more important than 2000.

Biden is also a serial abuser of the word "literally". E.g. "This country is literally is a huge fiscal hole." I don't think there even is such a thing as a literally huge fiscal hole.

This SNL skit is the best commentary I've seen on the debates yet. Hilarious! Loved Tina's "end times" reference when discussing global warming.


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