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To the Point: Redistribution of the Wealth

Adam Smith wrote in "The Wealth of Nations"
The necessaries of life occasion the great expense of the poor. They find it difficult to get food, and the greater part of their little revenue is spent in getting it. The luxuries and vanities of life occasion the principal expense of the rich, and a magnificent house embellishes and sets off to the best advantage all the other luxuries and vanities which they possess. A tax upon house-rents, therefore, would in general fall heaviest upon the rich; and in this sort of inequality there would not, perhaps, be anything very unreasonable. It is not very unreasonable that the rich should contribute to the public expense, not only in proportion to their revenue, but something more than in that proportion.

The question isn't is 'the wealth' being redistributed, or even if it should be, but to what extent and in what direction. For every example one can present of wealth going toward the poor I can point to two where it is going to the rich. Progressive taxes, along with credits, and other methods of distributing the wealth have been a staple of both Republican and Democratic administrations for years. Those that paint the issue as black or white are being disingenuous. Shame on them all. That McCain - Palin are using this issue is nothing but cheap politics, a final bit of desperation, and expected from those for whom the term honor is no longer a part of their lexicon.



I was floored by the number of people booing at McPain/Failin's comments about redistribution of wealth.

These people make more that $250k a year? What suckers.

I can't help but imagining what those people are really thinking: "I know I'm supposed to boo at that, but I kind of like the idea. We should spread the wealth around a little. Oh well, I guess I should be a good capitalist and sing along. Booooo!"

Please check out the latest Martin Eisenstadt installment where he tries to convince an Obama-esque community organizer to vote for John McCain.


I 2nd jillbryant's suggestion that you enter this into the Forum. It'll get its own link, thus wider visibility.

It's agitatingly funny.

yeah, what is the tax difference under Obama's plan increase from 37% to 39%.

I guess we found a new definition for socialism at 38%.

I would wager most Americans hear "spreading the wealth around" and think that sounds about right. If it won't "trickle" we man need to tip the bucket a bit and pour it down.

Norm, you are exactly right. Government policies, taxes and programs "redistribute wealth" the question is simple, which way are you going to distribute it.

We have been sending it up for the last 30 years and not much has come back down.

I love how everything done to help the working class (the least mentioned class in politics) is Class warfare, but everything done to help the rich is not.

All most Americans want is a decent life in exchange for a lifetime of work. It's about time we "redistributed" a decent life to some people who have been treading water for quite a while.

I like that, socialism the thirty-eight percent solution. Now we need a bumper sticker.

I had the following argument with my Uncle, a McCain supporter who is voting (R) entirely based on a purported ~$10k tax break.

I pointed out that his investments have already lost far more than $10k, probably closer to $100k, as the result of the recent market explosion. I then explained that, adjusted for inflation, any gains in the markets in the past 8 years have been completely wiped out.

He scoffed.

I then pointed out that under Eisenhower, with a ~90% tax on top earners in effect, America enjoyed the fastest and longest sustained growth in history, largely due to the exploding buying power of a newly empowered middle class.

He scoffed again.

I explained that every disposable dollar given to the middle class is another sale at Walmart, another plane ticket, another sale of an iPod- consumer spending, based on proper budgeting, not financing. Financing, sez I, is no way to achieve sustained growth; when those charge cards come due, the party is over.

He made a sound resembling a belch, and I lost it:

Already asshole, sez I, how about this: either donate your next social security check to the NRA, or shut the hell up about socialism, ok? Compared to me, you're a god-damned Communist.

That shut him up. Needless to say, I will be spending Thanksgiving at home this year, eating frozen pizza and refusing to answer the phone.

Ahem, Zap had the post of the day... Damn broken reply..

I'm seeing you on November 3rd in Chicago, be the third time. Shoot, I wonder if I can get tickets yet.

Ghost Tropic and What comes after the blues have been my favorite albums for about 3 years now, the kind of albums that go in about every 4th album i listen to. I haven't quite figured out why I like em so much yet. I've yet to find the same kind of love for fading trails or the box set. Good to find another fan :D



Mc, as in McMansions, etc.

Pain, Pain.

Failin', Failing (Failin' to say which g, by the way, the droppin' o' the g, is an Irishism, I tink).

Crucifies them on their own truth.

I object to the very word "re-dis-tribute. Once upon a time, a group destined to be totally forgotten (NOT), found themselves divided into three parts, "tribes" (because they were "divisi in partes tres" in their now extinct (NOT) language). They, foolishly and socialistically, pooled their resources, the pooling was called "tribute" (from "tribe", had they been four, they would have called it "quadribution". And Failin' McPain would be grousin' 'bout wealth requadribution, and medium sized bands of humans would be called "quadrubes").

When, needed, the tribute was available to dis-tribute, that was the whole idea of it. Of course, since they were so foolish, they perished, and they're long gone, forgotten without a "tres" (NOT). That's why this doesn't make any sense:

To say "Re" distribute is to be re-dundant. Illiterate almost. "Distribute" is a better word irregardless. This reminds me of the odd usage "co-conspirator". The "co" is already there, "co"n-spire, con=co. No co,coco, or cococo, needs to be added, as the erudite and arrogant G. Gordan Liddy often pointed out, on his radio show. This reminds me of the back-formation "allegator" used by lawyer types, for whom one who alleges is homonymous with the mega-reptile. Also there is mention of "surveilling", really surveying, "surveilling" being a back-formation from surveillance. And "peas", the plural of pease. In English the plural is "peases". An odd phenomena. And a "data", a datum actually, and.... New Yorkers who "trod" in the present tense when they mean to "tread", worst of all, Bush as "W." with 3 syllables! It has 2, as does "probabaly, in speech: "dubya" and "probly". Wocestershire don't have no five syllables neither, it has three, tres: Real English is fast disappearing without a "tres"! Also "E-rock (Iraq), and E-...wrong (I ran.... from a Yid who said Iran "e"-wrong, so I wouldn't strangle him).

Pronunciation is a thousand times more important than spelling. Or grammar.

The "tribes" though, contributing, and united, socialistically, into a society (!), were Punicshed by individualist, patriotic, tax-dodging North Africans .

The Rest (in pieces) is history.


Philos-can you use imPALIN' in a rant for me?

thx ;~)

I hope.

Dracules vs. Hercula.



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